FroshFeel – Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Student Platform

What Is Froshfeel?

Froshfeel can be really a userfriendly platform for both college students which lets them hold out trades effortlessly utilizing the Froshfeel coins (froins) out of any place within the Earth, with reductions. Transaction with froins is likely to undoubtedly be finished over the Froshfeel stage or together with leveraged companies. These trades include pupil lodging service fees, getting text books, spending faculty charges, paying out student flights, even paying more supermarket store and clothe looking, etc., plus each of these may be carried out from the college students’ mobile-phone given that they truly are froins collectors. Froins is centered upon exactly the blockchain technology significance that it remains decentralized. Froshfeel is additionally secure and sound so ensuring trades might be performed out effortlessly with instantaneous payments designed for recipients. Essentially, that the Froshfeel system transforms learners educational and social atmosphere. It needs to be mentioned that end users that expend froins over the Froshfeel stage have been awarded incentives as things high points signifies better and bigger advantages.

Froshfeel supplies a decentralized peer pupil stage where pupils, professionals, businesses, associations and teachers can socialize with each other in a educational degree at a societal atmosphere. By introducing blockchain technological innovation, froshfeel admits it is own real money – froins. Froshfeel makes it possible for college students to cover attention, establishments, teachers and companies like pupil lodging, textbooks, college student flights, concert tickets, eateries, outfits and a lot additional categories direct by using their mobiles using froins wherever across the globe.

Froshfeel makes it possible for end users to get and offer services and goods directly from this stage. Users may quickly locate companies and associations round those who acknowledge froins by way of a detect characteristic.

Froshfeel makes it possible for college students to pay for back associations, teachers and companies. Students can expend froins in a lot of methods, for example: college student lodging, faculty charges, textbooks, college student flights, supermarkets, concert tickets, eateries, outfits and much more direct during their mobiles using froins wherever round the Earth, even though shooting advantage of discount rates and gains.
Froins are wholly de-centralized that usually means that the capital will be not held upward from third events. An user-friendly, more safe and sound and sound platform means users may seep in simplicity, although recipients acquire payments immediately.

Froshfeel is discovering the educational and social environment by giving a system that provides an all-inclusive remedy to any or all elements of university student living.

Key Attribute Of Froshfeel System

Trainers and class
Froshfeel can offer an attribute at which user can determine that which associations can be obtained, which class could be studiedat each and every institution in addition to what’s needed for every single program.

Froshfeel will offer set to encourageonline societal discussions concerning particular categories, subject occasion and also more.

Small Business Listing
User friendly is going to have personal schedule at the place where they’ll have the ability to put in their group tables, even occasion dhey will really like to go to study occasions, assessment program, assigmentdue dates along with different social instances.

Work Opportunities
A work portal site will B I supply to college students parttime and complete time tasks reluctantly be recorded by bussines and associations.

Labeled Advertisements
The categorized advertising feature allows studens to place goods they would like to get and offer in froins.

User should be capable of seeing deals across these spot newest bargains by metropolitan areas,alluring discounts by many promised, comprise prices offers by firms that they follow along, prices that the consumer has deals and redeemed classifications.

Small Business Listing
Business consumer is going to be recorded with this particular page. Organizations will probably undoubtedly be categorized based on user class.

Small business user should have the ability to conduct contests for pupils. Prizes can be coupons, product or froins in your firm straight into this person. To get a company to conduct campaign or competition, they ought to charge in froins.

Advertising and Marketing
The advertisements version empower institution and business user characteristic their accounts of their types.

Events will probably be classified from orderfor an individual to filter out which sort of occasion she or he is searching for.

Psychotherapy could be educations at thr tertiaryor degree industry in addition to aid trainers, teachers, music, etc.

Use will beable to watch a map from which, witch they’ll soon be in a position to seefeatured spot recorded about the stage where they are able to detect businesss that take on froin and socialize on the particular locations on map.


  • Website :
  • Accepted form of payment : ETH & KICK (KickCoin)
  • Pre-ICO start date : 1 st March 2018 00:00 GMT
  • Pre-ICO end date : 20th March 2018 23:30 GMT
  • Minimum purchase amount
  • Pre-ICO minimum : 0.1 ETH 1 000
  • Pre-ICO maximum: ETH 5 000 ETH


  • ICO Website:
  • ICO Start Date: 1 April (00:00 GMT)
  • ICO End Date: 30 April (23:59 GMT)
  • Price per Coin: 1 USD = 1 FROIN
  • Coin Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1000 FROINS
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.1 ETH / 0.01 BTC
  • Accepted Form of Payment: ETH / BTC

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