DATAREUM – Decentralized Marketplace For Targeted Data

Datareum could be a localised market that permits people to legalise their personal information, sell it on to market researchers, tutorial researchers, and different interested parties. engineered on the Ethereal public blockade, the Datareum platform can facilitate sensitive peer-peer peer transactions from sensitive personal data safely, while not risk of hacking. victimization on-line surveys as a start line for building markets. Datareum can use associate degree incentive mechanism that, within the long haul, can make sure the availableness of superior quality custom information, that provides an essential tool for researchers of every kind.

The Datareum platform provides the marketplace for top quality knowledge. knowledge suppliers still get DTN as a result of the information they supply are resold. knowledge candidates buy custom-built knowledge, which might be resold for profit.

How does Datareum work?

To provide top quality information, a verification channel has been created. If channels check them in terms of quality, they reach the info market and suppliers area unit rewarded with tokens. Then, information goes into the info market, wherever interested parties can purchase it at the proper value. the primary client buys information from the information and when exploitation it – he will sell it to the platform. this is often primarily Associate in Nursinginnovation of a localized information – the owner is one entity. marketing information from client A may bepurchased by consumer B. a part of the funds from the info sold-out is transferred to the fund information to stilldevelop it. additional specifically, the means the platform works may be seen within the project whitepaper.

Benefits of datareum

Data provider

– Control your information-data suppliers will management your data, keep information confidential
–  Monetise your information-your information supplier provides services to the owner by paying the fees already set by the information supplier.
–  Disconnect solely what you want-you area unit entitled to try to to something to the user of the service by setting a value for every of the services they use.
–  Get cash|the cash|the money} by filling out the survey-you’ll get money from filling out the survey
–  Get residual financial gain on your data-you can still get the residual financial gain you earn from your service.

Data applicant

  make a special survey-create the survey as you see match

–  cut back prices by eliminating intermediaries – you’ll be able to cut back prices as a result of while notmistreatment associate degree go-between

–  come your ends up in the datareum market – come your results at the datareum market

–  Research analysis by commercialism your product on to your customers-the user analysis fund that sells your product goes on to your customers

–   for information like businesses, researchers, academics-you will apply for business information creation, research, teachers and a lot of.


The long-run vision of knowledgereum is wherever knowledge suppliers have full management over the information they generate ANd data requesters have access to structured data sourced in an moral, top quality and quality at an affordable worth.
In this world, service suppliers are paid sufficiently for the worth of their knowledge and researchers of every typecan have access to the top quality knowledge they have.
To alter this vision the datareum project is formed.
The main purpose of building an outsized datareum project is to produce integrated applications, messaging, workflow, and knowledge management design.
build technology to maximise the abilities and code utilise. eliminating supernumerary ‘silo’ knowledge to open up new business opportunities by lease real-world assets move freely among all potential legitimate house owners.


November 17: Research & development concept
Mar 18: Completion of the alpha survey system
Apr 18: Pre-Sales DTN
May 18: Public Sales White List
Jun 18: Public Sales DTN
July 18: Token issued after KYC
August 18: Tokens are listed on the exchange
Q4 2018: Settlement of Smart contract payments and data exchange services
Q4 2018: Wallet system
Q1 2019: Launch of the Provider & Applicant web portal
Q1 2019: Launch of iOS and Android apps for Provider & Requester
Q3 2019: Continue acquisitions and strategic investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and FinTech globally.
Q4 2019: Launch of Data Markets
Q1 2020: E-commerce platform for registering products from requesters, paid in DTN
Q2 2020: Launch Marketing campaigns across Europe and the United States
Q3 2020: Launch of Marketing campaigns in Asia

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