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The Red Pill Coin isn’t security, security may be a tradable monetary plus regulated by the SEC within the us, and government agencies in their various countries. shopping for and owning Red Pill Coin doesn’t in any meansestablish that the customer can receive any shares, liquidity, shares, bonds or investment agreements in any plus. The pill coin may be a decentralized crypto currency. offer and demand confirm the worth of Pilin Red coin. patrons could use the Red Pill coins during a legitimate manner, as embarked on in their country of residence. Coin pills square measure a decentralized digital currency within the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone United Nations agency buys Red Pill coins should conform to these terms.

The Red Pill may be a currency designed to counterpoint the net community. The Red Pill will be used for numerous functions. Communities will, as an example, use Red Pill to reward their members for everything from a specific action (eg, create variety of posts within the forum) or reward them for loyalty (for example, giving members pills to become members for this year). The Red Pill can even be accustomed reward customers of a product or service. what is more in Red Pill conjointly provides a sensible tip.

Benefits of Blockchain technology:

Since the Red pill works for the Ethereum block, it uses all the most important benefits of distributed blockchain application books.
The main benefits area unit as follows:

  • Eternity

One of the most important commercialism points of blockchain technology is its logical incapacity. this suggests that transactions that are completed and written within the block chain can’t be modified or off from the book. because the Ethereum dimension chain grows, these eternities become safer. Any changes created to antecedently existing records square measure seen by all block chains, and so the possibilities of roaring system management square measure zero

  • Lack of meaningful encryption

Financial transactions is created among a block chain while not a central restrictive body providing authentication and authorization. These third party convulsions considerably scale back connected risks and prices.

  • Anonymity

The deals on the block were fully anonymous, and therefore the identity of the participants was fully protected. Users totally management their personal info, thereby reducing the chance of fraud.

  • Improved security

Because it’s localized, the block chain has no central purpose of failure. there’s no entry purpose for malicious attacks, and this makes the chain of blocks additional reliable and reliable.

  • Growth and technological development

Blockchain: Blockchains, in fact, area unit solely a basic realization of the complete potential of distributed registers. Ethereum blockchain represents a major leap within the development and development of blockchain technology. because of the introduction of intellectual contracts within the block chain, distributed register applications area unitconsiderably enlarged.
Philosophy is made into the design and basic functions of the Red Pill, that makes it one among crypto currency.


The blockchain business is foretold to grow to a better level by 2021. The graph below shows predictions:

Therefore, Blockchain is associate investment for the long run as a result of there’s no risk of inflation for cryptocurrency additionally as diaper currencies just like the US dollar. the long run of any economy is cryptocurrency.

Architectural Framework and Content Technology Designed:

Red Pill is crystocurrency supported the Ethereum blockchain ruled by good contracts that offer support for manymonetary transactions. Ethereum blockchain provides powerful practicality that permits economical operation of Red Pill as cryptocurrency.
Financial transactions of contraception pills within the sort of good contracts square measure valid and processed across the network. All implementation rules for the Red Pill cryptocurrency protocol square measurecompatible with the good catching framework of the Ethereum blockchain.
The fact that Red Pill as cryptocurrency is constructed on the Ethereum network additionally provides an additional layer of security against malicious attacks on the Red Pill coin system.

All Red Pill transactions square measure processed, validated, recorded, stored, and distributed on EthherEum blockchain. Coin users of the contraception pill have the liberty to settle on from a large choice of wallets that square measure accessible for them to store their coins. This notecase is gift within the alternative of on-linestorage and cold. our favourite notecase choice is MyEtherWallet that additionally to providing on-line storage for Red Pill coins additionally offers users the chance to provide Paper Wallets which will be used as offline storage choices. This offline storage choice (cold) provides access to your Red Pill coins on the go. There square measure some ways users will access MyEtherWallets like Ledger, mnemotechnical Phrases, and Greenwich Time / JSON files.

Users also are unengaged to store Red Pill within the official Ethereum Wallet; Fog. Mist accessible for transferat GitHub. Cloud provides advanced security for your Red Pill coins with constant enhancements and updates to the framework. it’s employed by countless cryptocurrency users within the Ethereum block chain network.

Transaction security:

The Red Pill works with an entire philosophy of obscurity concerning monetary transactions. As a decentralisedcrypto currency, a lot of attention is paid to the protection and integrity of all transactions. The Red Pill’s vision comes from a community of individuals World Health Organization ar distrusted, even for giant monetaryestablishments that wish larger autonomy and management over their finances. virtually nobody is aware ofWorld Health Organization owns the pocketbook.

Roadmap Red Pill

Launch IC IC Red Coins Round October 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017
Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 2 December 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017
February 2018 – Launch the Red Pill Chrome extension that allows Red Pill owners to notify tips to their favorite creators on YouTube (with YouTube support, and Instagram).
April 2018 – Launch Red Pill Submit And Receive App for Android with iOS next version in Autumn 2018.

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