Homelend – Sanctioned Platform is Decentralized After The Generation of Housing Mortgage Financing


Homelend might be a decentralised sanction platform once the homebuyer mortgage finance generation. Homelend creates an instantaneous interaction interface between borrowers, lenders and numerousstakeholders within the mortgage value chain. Thus, this enables crowdfunding mortgages victimization peer-to-peer models with the protection, transparency and automation provided by distributed ledger technology and sensible contracts.

Regardless of the dimensions of the mortgage market, the business has not modified a lot of over the years, resulting in a primitive disposition system. The Homelend team detected that the method of applying for and getting a mortgage was long and sophisticated, and virtually entirely paper-based. There also are severalintermediaries concerned, speed down the method whereas conjointly increasing the fees for lenders and borrowers.

What Does Homelend Do?

Homelend could be a mortgage crowdfunding platform of a decentralized and peer-to-peer nature with 2 main functions. The team hopes to modernize the present disposal system, creating it additional client targetedwhereas conjointly up potency and cost-effectiveness. to boot, the team hopes to expand the opportunities for owning a home for the most recent generation of borrowers, operating to fulfill their distinct wants and style.

How Does Homelend Work?

Homelend can use a mixture of sensible contracts Associate in Nursingd distributed ledger technology to attach individual lenders and borrowers via an end-to-end platform. That platform can change and contour the method of mortgage origination for all parties concerned.

The Homelend Advantage


  • From manual & lengthy, to
    Streamlined & Efficient

    By embedding pre-defined business logic into smart contracts, digitizing documentation and eliminating unnecessarily processes, Homelend will automatically execute an end-to-end origination process, cutting it down from 50 days to less than 20.

  • From Ambiguous & Clunky to
    Transparent & User-Friendly

    Homelend aims to create a lending process that is not only smart, but also simple and fair. It will enable borrowers will be able to easily apply for a loan, track their application status at all times and interact directly with mortgage lenders.

  • From Costly Intermediation to
    Cost-Effective & Middleman-Free

    The immutability, security and transparency provided by DLT makes it possible to record transactions, including loans, without banks acting as middlemen. This will reduce costs for both borrowers and lenders, while minimizing the distance between them.

  • From Vulnerable & Unreliable to
    Trusted & Secure

    Centralization and paper-based processes are the key factors behind the insecurity and vulnerability that characterize the traditional mortgage industry. The unique characteristics of DLT and smart contracts enable Homelend to provide a platform for people to transact large amounts of money in a trusted, transparent, and secure way.


What Is the Homelend Token, and When Is the Sale?

The Homelend token, HMD, powers the platform. the most practicality of the token is providing platform access. It is also vital in letting the easy, quick, and sleek work flow. it’s doable to convert all tokens to or from HMD. there’s a complete provide of 250 million HMD, Associate in Nursingd it’s an ERC-20 token.

The dates for the crowdsale area unit to be declared, however the presale began on 1 March 2018. The tentative begin date for the general public sale is Gregorian calendar month 2018. throughout the sale, the HMD token’s face price is 1 ETH for 1,600 HMD, and Homelend can settle for ETH, USD, or BTC for purchases. there’s a soft cap of $5 million USD and a tough cap of $30 million USD. there’ll even be bonuses for purchases created with ETH. the primary week of the sale can embody a 20% bonus, that drops to 15% the second week and 10% the third week.

The Homelend Token (HMD)

The HMD token is the fuel powering the Homelend peer-to-peer lending platform. It’s main functionality is to grant access to the Homelend platform.

This utility token also plays an instrumental role in enabling a fast, smooth and user-friendly workflow that is unified and secure.

All tokens can be converted to and from HMD.


Pre-Sale…………………..March 1, 2018


Total Supply…………….250,000,000
Face Value………………..1 ETH= 1,600 HMD
Accepted Currencies…BTC, ETH, USD
Softcap………………………..US$ 5,000,000
Hardcap………………………US$ 30,000,000

Bonuses (ETH/HMD)

Week 1…………………………..20%
Week 2………………………….15%
Week 3…………………………..10%
Week 4 and After…….0%

Token Allocation

28% Pre-Sale

36% Public Sale

8% Founders

8% Advisorsand Bounty Program

20% Reserve Fund

Use of Proceeds

25% General Administration

40% Development

35% Marketing & Comunity Building

For More Information Can Visit Link Below :


Website : https://homelend.io/

Medium : https://medium.com/homelendblog 

ANN thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3407541

Whitepaper : https://homelend.io/files/Whitepaper.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HomelendHMD

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/dmc-homelend-ltd

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HMDHomelend/

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Homelend/


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Community Token Network – Decentralized On Blockchain Technology

What Is Community Token?
We’re Convinced of mass capacity disclosure, Societal strength And recruitment strategies, and these facets are our base in creating a strong and stable community with block-chain technology and We know that block chain technology are the near future, and we all believe in the long haul the next 10 years that this technology is going to be applied in every activity of our day-to-day.

Town Token is essentially a community-oriented signal. Everything will run and be maintained by the city itself. Most of all, it works on a decentralized network block technology. Open source features and fair distribution attract the community unlike any other. There will not be any ICO however 20 drops of atmosphere to our beloved community.

Our job Doesn’t cover any ICO, no cash, will be properly used Exclusively and accessible to the community itself, all of the activities we’ve assembled will soon be fully implemented in collaboration with the community and all members will undoubtedly be regarded as an essential part of our endeavor, properly and properly decentralized.

This crypto-based Project is known as Community Token. We can identify it being an opensource, a decentralized system which is developed with the support of all block-chain technology. And this project is very significant because it’s a very new idea into the crypto market. When referring to the job details we could see that this project propose a theory which this whole thing is run by the own community members. This can be a very different strategy. This token is still just a mineable token and ERC-20 centered token. And they identify this token being a typical oriented token.

Community chose to keep 20 air drops for people. The first Air-drop Ended past week. But do not be concerned about. As you’ve got yet another 19 air-drops round for get COM tokens. It you do so accurately, you will can acquire more com tokens.

The community token is all about community. Your request, your implementation.

Great Distribution
Feel the very transparent and reasonable distribution of all others.

Token Mineable
Increase the number of your tokens simply by obeying the PoS process.

Quick Transaction
Unique method of earning trades efficient and fast.

Safe Transaction
Ethereum block chain won’t ever disturb you with a Community Token.

Your trade details as well as your privacy are the very first concerns.


This token is for its holders. Here is why you should “HODL” this:

  • CommunityToken is a mineable token.
  • It can earn you some extra tokens by executing the PoS method.
  • Longer you hold higher the rewards.
  • The minimum age that you have to hold for mining is 3 days. Maximum 90 days.
  • The number of coins multiplied by how long the coins have been “HODL” is known as coin Age.
  • Mining reward is based on your coin Age.

Name – Community Token
Symbol – COM
Decimals – 18
Type – ERC20 Token
Blockchain – Ethereum
Total Supply – 10.000,000,000 COM
Initial Supply – 2.000,000,000 COM
Minimum Coin Age – 3 Days
Maximum Coin Age – 90 Days
1st Year Interest -100%
2nd Year Interest – 50%
3rd-15th Year Interest – 10%

Contact & Information
Website : http://communitytoken.network/
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4490346
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/communitytoken/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/community_token
Github : https://github.com/CommunityToken
Telegram : https://t.me/Community_token

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ARAW Token – Decentralised Payment For E-Commerce Ecosystem

What Is Araw Token?
Araw Token the Value of Cryptocurrency in unified reward systemOne of the most crucial and usually used metrics for measuring the current retail ecommerce success is your client’s loyalty and reward program. Nowadays, almost all of the retail and e-commerce stores utilize some type of loyalty reward programs; either to reward the current clients or woo the prospective ones.

Because of this, the dedication and reward programs have spread around different businesses including but not limited by financial services, travel, and retail merchants stores. To make this easier, a raw token will be here to interrupt the traditional loyalty reward industry and introduces tokenization into the area of ecommerce reward process.

“a raw token,” possessed by ARAW UK Ltd, a brand new crypto currency, seeks to improve the conventional procedure of profitable consumers by providing higher value to customers in the form of a universal loyalty currency usable by the different ecommerce stores and/or retailers. For customers missing many different reward programs, cryptocurrency provides instantaneous exchange and salvation for several E-commerce stores on a single platform.

Constructed on the tech of Blockchain and smart contracts, ARAW token is blockchain established coordinated rewards platform specifically for the retail and e commerce market. With the many offerings of the a raw Platform, we are set to unseal the current limitations present in traditional customer loyalty programmes and also accelerate the growth of a more cooperative, unified, and competitive customer benefit industry.

Provide end-to-end answers for E Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Bonus System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain controlled by the ARAW token;

SELF MANAGED — Develop a Consumers driven floating ecosystem;

TRANSPARENT Ecosystem — Produce a searchable ecosystem that may be

PLUG AND PLAY WIDGET — Design and implement Araw Pay on the Web widget which can be plug and play any sites;

CASHBACK — Easily redeemable benefits and fast money in will encourage clients to use ARAW card for all their shopping needs;

EASE OF USE — Intuitive user interfaces making it feel just like moment Nature thus user tend not to see the progress technology which power purchases and rewards platform;

MERCHANT ADOPTION — Targeted and expert source committed to Merchant on boarding and support to guarantee every customer effort is a success;

GROWTH- Particular campaign management help assist clients improve adoption prices.

Contact & Information
Website : https://arawtoken.io/
Whitepaper : https://arawtoken.io/assets/araw_whitepaper.pdf?v1.7
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3497194
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken
Twitter : https://twitter.com/arawtoken
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/arawtoken/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3QKDkSt7UbhqWlAm2T5Abg
Github : https://github.com/arawtoken
Medium : https://medium.com/@TheARAWToken
Telegram : https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial

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TREON – The Future Of Utility Payment Experience

What Is Treon?
Treon (TXO) is a Ethereum blockchain-based utility token and e wallet for paying bills utilizing a solid technology at a completely decentralised and secure way.

The telecom industry has received intermittent customer-centric innovations over the years. Disruptive blockchain technology utilized by the TXO e-wallet offers vast opportunities for utility providers to drive cost-efficiency and increase endurance when giving users greater control over their usage and wider financial addition and advantage. With Treon, we will create your utility bill payments a suitable straightforward experience — anytime, anywhere.

Treon (TXO) is concentrated on providing the exciting value added service that’ll simplify the utility management and payment process like never before: consumers will effect their payments immediately using a simple merged dashboard.

Additionally, Treon (TXO) is really on its own way to bring a large numbers of users in to the crypto distance by connecting billions of usefulness customers to the block-chain. We’re willing to convince utility businesses to accept Treon tokens (TXO) from customers as it is faster, safer, and less costly to operate and use.

Treon is a strong, modular, Ethereum blockchain-based, Decentralised utility payment gate way and processing wallet app which any consumer can use from all over the entire world to pay for their bills. Treon aspires to develop into the token and tool of choice at a completely decentralised and inexpensive way.

All team members are crypto and high tech entrepreneurs with couple of Us having done few powerful tech is different. Get to know each member at the end of the document.

New users to the crypto distance by linking countless usefulness clients to the blockchain. Our vision is to reach a spot later on where usefulness consumers round the world utilize Treon token (TXO) because of their favorite payment and currency tool of preference. We’re prepared to convince utility organizations to simply accept Treon token (TXO) from clients as it really is faster, safer, and more economical to work and utilize.

Treon’s business model relies on several streams of earnings Derived from different utility solutions, chiefly from supply gross profits, trade expenses, and platform usage penalties.

Treon rewards clients for utilizing TXO tokens to Get adoption and Usage a great deal more interesting. Additionally, the economies are going to be described as a catalyst for utility businesses to maneuver their cross-trade contracts to blockchain as a way to handle their business trades effortlessly.

Throughout the consolidation of gross profit and prices above, Treon’s Business design is produced to deal with the developing worldwide market and eventually become a And suppliers.

Your use and influence your obligations to get all of utilities any place on earth. Combines the simplicity of using one port through multiple payment choices to stay statements from Utility companies on a single dash.


Decentralized utility payment gateways and processing pockets Applications built for the majority of customers worldwide including people without charge account, with a easy and consolidated smartphone program to control and pay each of your payouts around various utility balances.


Treon will ensure the integrity and security of E wallet Working with a Smart contract Ethereum blockchain which works like a multi-signature (multi-bill) wallet. We partner with several specialist Crypto Currency Bags to provide Treon (TXO) users with all the ideal experience of this Crypto ecosystem.

Contact & Information
Website : https://www.treon.io/
Whitepaper : https://www.treon.io/data/Treon-WhitePaper.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3403731
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Treon-171801956857915/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/TreonNews
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/treon/
Telegram : https://t.me/TreonOfficial

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MetaHash – A Revolutionary Payment And Decentralized Data Storage System

MetaHash can be a Swiss-registered MultiPoS consensus blockchain and decentralized realtime application stage. More over, MetaHash intends to incorporate blockchains with just one another, developing a decentralized platform to get a brand new manner of Internet. MetaHash viewpoints its system as a replacement for and also an upgrade to the wise contract paradigm.

Mining cryptocurrency is a common way go into the area of crypto. But, that way of acquiring cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages. The most critical one is your hardware requirements. The cost tag on attaining the needed computational capability creates tons of folks overlook the particular idea. Forging is much less tough as mining: some other frequent webserver or computer having good online connection will do.

The system then redistributes the information Of the software from its own system, benefiting from all of the power with the allowing unprecedented processing rates with the capacity of five thousand transactions daily, in no longer than three minutes to its endorsement of every trade, some thing quite commendable.

The MHC token is now available for $0.0391, also may be Purchased with Bitcoin and Ether. An overall total of 920 million coins will be dispersed throughout the money offering, and also the tough cap is put at $3-6 million.

Coin holders may also entrust their votes Rights for their nodes, or can offer their votes directly to a reputable node operator and find yourself a share of their commission. In this manner, enormous amounts of votes are more focused at nodes which the city expects, making strikes on the machine harder.

MetaHash has been referred to as a”very ambitious endeavor”, however, it’s kept due to its evolution roadmap, trail-blazing the leadership for its cryptocurrency community to branch away from elderly, existing blockchains which can be”stagnating as a result of non scalability and also a deficiency of smart contract or DApp functionality”. With the general introduction of TraceChain protocol and MetaGate browser, crypto are expecting that MetaHash will barrier a key uphill struggle of wide spread adoption.


A automatic self-learning sign Routing protocol, TraceChain can process a lot more than 50,000 transactions per minute. It develops as more nodes using high bandwidth have been added into the system, forming its own heart and improving the overall visibility of further DataChains required for running software.

MetaHashCoin (MHC)

MHC is an electronic advantage that behaves as a way of payment from the system. MHC offers consensus and modulates self-financing of system development. Digital resources in the shape of tokens from the MetaHash network might be traded within the system, and additionally converted to parts of different networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as rear.


The Core code of MetaApps maximizes the positioning of application backups predicated on required financial and resources motivation of these proprietors of nodes on the network. Any programmer can produce and publish a program in MetaApps, whereas MetaHashCoin holders pick via receptive vote whether to approve changes or updates, representing the universal worth of most network members.


MetaGate Is a browser for decentralized software which comprises a multi-currency wallet. Via its opensource port, thirdparty programmers may utilize MetaGate code to upload MetaApps along with TraceChain/blockchain features in to various browsers and applications.

The trial interval, anticipated to operate through Q 2 2018, Requires Significantly more than 200 temporary servers around the whole world, which is Substituted by nominal proprietor nodes after the system is fully operational. Just Then is it said with full confidence,”MetaHash gifts a revolution In payment methods and also in data storage that is public”.

Contact & Information
Website : https://metahash.org/
Whitepaper : https://metahash.org/docs/MetaHash_WhitePaper_EN.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4342587
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MetaHash/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/themetahash
Instagram : https://instagram.com/themetahash
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIkBIrd1q7JkLLj43KgG8zA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/MetaHash_community/
Medium : https://medium.com/@themetahash
Telegram : https://t.me/metahash_eng

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IAT – Providing Real World Solutions Your Real Assets

What Is IAT?
The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be published via a practice of Initial Coin Offering or even ICO to the Ethereum network and will also be ERC-20. Funds raised from the ICO will be utilised to develop the IAT blockchain and resources will be acquired to make the initial bulk of properties within the IAT ecosystem. The strength management will be undertaken with our current management business that’s presently operational.

The IA Tokens concept aims to reevaluate the real estate industry Using blockchain technology through the evolution of this IAT Platform. Funds raised from the ICO is going to be employed to develop the IAT blockchain and also our existing management company that’s now operational will tackle the strength administration. The Platform will cater to the Philippines market first and we look to expand into other growing economies in Asia.

The Business will also manage major project requests for example to digitize a industrial building or mall for re sale and is likewise seeking to use landowners and developers for project advancements. The business will even incorporate purposes where agents/brokers, landlords, and tenants is likely to be reviewed and rated by different users of their platform to promote ethical methods from all parties.

We Shall Boost the use of tokens by providing discounts if it’s used for trades. Examples may include decrease of leasing rate or asset management fees. We’ll also be giving air drops of the IA exemptions into the initial 1,000 agents/brokers, unit owners, and prospective tenants to enroll with the stage to encourage usage, profit traction and boost approval of the marketplace. Additional airdrops will be viewed when deemed mandatory. IAT plans to take a leading role in most facets of real estate locally and hopefully globally to create this type of reality, you start with disrupting the leasing and land market and tokenizing large real estate assets.

The IA Tokens theory intends to revolutionize the realestate industry using block chain technology throughout the creation of the IAT Platform. Funds raised from the ICO is going to be employed to develop the IAT blockchain and the strength management will likely be undertaken by our current control company that is now operational. The Platform will cater to the Philippines market first and also we look to expand into other developing markets in Asia.

Open to the masses throughout the digitization of assets and enlarge it Philippines market.
As a Second goals, IAT Intends to make resale and leasing processes more Transparency, more integrative and much more secure with blockchain smart Contracts, and to integrate much better utilities to the tokens on the Platform which includes paying furnishing, legal penalties and fees for Engaging tax auditors as a gap to the others proficiency companies. With this technology, costs and time savings might be improved and At length, additionally, it intends to address all round transactional costs cutting Inflated prices by half.


  • Tenants are advised to make use of the NIAT to pay the rent and you will likely be offered a reduction in the rate.
  • The business will try to attract several enterprise partners to the IAT ecosystem to grow the possibilities of usage.
  • Payment for asset management services Token holders might decide to use the NIAT to cover the asset management companies.
  • The charge for the holders of Furniture Records can Choose to utilize the NIAT to Get the payment of the purchase price of items for the gear of Their property.
  • The purchase of NIAT Assets are also used to get resources and resides within the IAT ecosystem.
  • The holders of Payment Cards for Legal Services can choose to use The NIAT to make the payment for hiring the professional services of lawyers or legal Advisers.
  • The NIAT to help make the payment for hiring the services of tax advisors.
  • The holders of land tokens for sale or lease can choose to use The NIAT to pay for the sales commissions whenever they release the goods from the Web portal.
  • Asset owners may choose to receive the profits of the leasing or sale at the kind of NIAT.
  • In the event that a commission is required to be paid to the Broker/Broker, the processor holders may opt to pay the commission of their Agent/Broker with the NIAT.
  • The Receiving Commission for Agents//Agents/Brokers can choose to get their commission in the form of NIAT.

Contact & Information
Website : https://www.iatokens.com/
Whitepaper : https://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4028883
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IATOfficial/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/IA_Tokens
Medium : https://medium.com/@IATokens
Telegram : https://t.me/iatokens

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XRT FOUNDATION – Decentralized Partners To Token Based ERC-20

What Is XRT?
XRT is a decentralized peer to peer reviewed ERC-20 Centered token generated From XRT Foundation which notably worksin food industry. It seeksto enhance the digitalization of how cryptocurrencies is the subject of food industry through its innovative cellular application. XRT is going to be applied like a payment style forthe Resort and Restaurant industry.

Clients often Don’t Want to compute cards there is overly Much likelihood of lack of private data, fraudsters utilize innovative approaches to capture data, in addition to user funds. You’ve got to always spending some time entering the security code, even dealing together with intermediaries – all of that is overly inconvenient and complicated. The programmers of this XRT project desire to create collaboration between customers and owners of all restaurants as profitable as well as simple as you possibly can. You can now use crypto resources for repayment – that the trade will probably soon be very fast and higher quality. Wise contracts help protect user data out of fraud. The proprietors of XRT tokens get a enormous amount of advantages, along with speed and security of trades, they could rely on particular discounts in pubs, which eventually become the very first partners of their project.The XRT platform engineers chose to make use of the Ethereum smart contract due to the stable hashing algorithm it uses to safeguard the data of users that are participants in the trade. This algorithm can be utilized to create XRT tokens. It includes an electronic digital touch. This guarantees that private and instant trades can be implemented with XRT coins. At precisely the exact same period, clients would not need to take care of numerous intermediaries, input personal data and security codes.

Bilateral proof is an answer to a Possible problem with electronic Monies. This coin might be carried more often than formerly. The XRT coins had been specifically built to give resistance to double-spending.
If it has to do with paying food anywhere. By way of instance, you might well be reluctant to cover a debit or credit card as your creditcard advice is already stolen. Additionally, charge cards, connected payment systems which are safer, might be pricey for internet retailers. Moreover, you can find issues with payment flaws, high fees as well as trades that are lost. There’s additionally a liquidity issue. That’s the reason why the programmers of this XRT project desire to create collaboration between clients and restaurant owners easier and much more suitable, utilizing the special capacities of their blockchain and contracts that are smart.

XRT aimsto fix the Critical payment issues happening in Food Industry at which the XRT coin is going to soon be the replacement for card cash obligations’. During our XRT mobile program, we’ll be providing clients a quick & secure payment system solution with our XRT Token. Card payments will probably eventually be hassle-free as well as the clients will Be comfy when paying in a restro or anyplace else globally

How it functions
XRT is going to be utilised like a payment style in food market. In each business, A client consistently wantssuch a payment gateway that isfast & secure. By fixing the following function, We’re constructing a really quick And handy mobile program that is designed for the Android and I-OS users.

  • Walletsecurity calculations together with email verification, authenticator and OTP verifications
  • KYC compulsion for each and every user if he could be owner or customer.
  • Making invoice on every trade
  • Suitable in numerous states
  • Instant send and get
  • Money Backs and otherspecial offerings and rewards
  • Translation of XRT in to the following money (Fiat & Crypto)
  • Recent updates and news concerning XRT token in addition to state of economy.

ExToke – Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange

ExToke is actually a fresh fee-free decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange with zero fees for both sellers or buyer.

De-centralized imports completely remove the need to get a Third party support to put up user funds at a centralized approach. Trading occurs within an peertopeer fashion through automated procedures, without trading commissions.

More to the point, funds fit in with the users . Compared To centralized trades (CEXs), where when an individual blows off their capital they have been ostensibly the market’s funds.Furthermore, as there are no dedicated servers to hack on, you can find not any server downtimes or anxiety about a huge scale hack”

ExToke goal to resolve the existing issues of present Crypto currency exchanges. ExToke includes ZERO trading commissions to optimize traders’ profit and total consumer experience.

ExToke gets got the capacity to process orders in real time through our XTO Exchange Smart Contract, attaining the authentic”realtime” trading encounter.

De-centralized deals are the most economical method to exchange. Together with DEX, you Hold your own funds. You possess your own funds. They usually do not sit within a admin accounts should be removed through an off shore hacker! Our DEX solution provides complete security via our XTO smart contract.

Decentralized trades are basically apparati up on that individuals Can trade, where as centralized trades follow a version very similar to your bank, holding custody within capital using limited supervision and also the constant danger of hacks.DEX supplies a safe, secure and fast way to trading tokens.Simply. They truly are liberated!!! They charge no fees, therefore the proceeds stay on pocket. Additionally they also provide a separate service group, that is absent from the decentralized market industry!

Decentralized exchanges completely remove the need to get a 3rd party support to maintain consumer
Funds at a centralized approach. Trading occurs within an peertopeer fashion through automated procedures, without trading commissions.
More to the point, funds fit in with the users . Compared to centralized trades (CEXs), where in case an individual blows off their capital, they’re ostensibly the market’s funds.

More over, since There’s No central host to hack on, There’s no Server prevent fear or time of hacking. “decentralized imports are basically shrouded by which people may swap, where as centralized trades follow a version very similar to your bank, holding custody of capital together with limited oversight and continuous hacking dangers.

Benefits To Dealers Fees

No charges imply that dealers may exchange any variety of tokens Worrying all about accepting reductions because of penalties. This permits the chance to utilize multiple short-term trading strategies without even pesky fees becoming at all!

ExToke offers 24/7 dedicated service to make sure your trading experience can be as simple as you possibly can!

Benefits Of ICO Holders Marketing

Every token launching will probably be declared through numerous societal websites Stations and cellular alarms via the ExToke Mobile Trading App. All projects will likely be recorded on our site and societal media marketing to guarantee maximum audience vulnerability.
A excellent incentive for investors to exchange your market on our market.

24/7 dedicated service for programmers to make sure investors have uninterrupted and unlimited usage of trading your own investment.

Long-term Program
Further progress and developments. ExToke Intends to stay Before Upgrading technology and offering lucrative and secure trading solutions For our associates.

Contact & Information
Website : https://www.extoke.com/
Whitepaper : https://www.extoke.com/white-paper.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4505833
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/extokecom/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ex_toke
Telegram : https://t.me/extoke

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RAWG Token – Play and Get Crypto

Hi, this point i’ll discuss regarding RAWG project. by enjoying games you’ll get crypo.

What is RAWG?

Some time this the video game business has been growing actively in recent years. He now not acknowledges film production. Development of technology cluster helps to enhance the sport visually, in line of flow, process, function. Below i’ll review the advantages of RAWG, team, partners, and development prospects.

RAWG may be a multi-platform service for locating video games that flip the gameplay into product and services. “IMDb Game” contains a information of 50,000 developers and over fifty 6,000 games for 50platforms. RAWG guarantees to be the primary service that may suggest games supported cross-platform information and already supports profile synchronization with Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. Despite the actual fact that the sport takes plenty of your time and talent, players sometimes don’t receive real appreciation. In an attempt to alter this, RAWG problems a Blockchain resolution that may reward the worldwide diversioncommunity with RAWG tokens.

What problems did the RAWG project solve?
The game business has its traps. there’s presently no cross-platform recommendation service, and also thevariety of gamers victimisation a minimum of a pair of platforms (eg, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) is enough.
In addition, players invest cash, time, energy, knowledge, however it’s laborious for them to induce got it.Raw – solely cross-platform services, that concentrate on game users.

It is troublesome for players to be awarded for his or her hobby

The popular ways that for gamers to profit from games and associated difficulties:

  • Game streaming. Gamers play and broadcast themselves on-line on one among the dedicated platforms. They legitimatize content through advertising and donations from users. Difficulties: Gamers would like time to draw in audience and attention-grabbing content. there’s high competition on streaming platforms, thence the probabilities to profit ar tiny.
  • Making game walkthroughs. Difficulties: there’s high competition, and there’s no would like for severalwalkthroughs for every game. Besides, it’s long, and not everybody features a talent to explain their gambling expertise.
  • Podcasts or video blogs. Difficulty: it’s troublesome to form content. It takes time to draw in audience and advertisers.
  • Gambling competitions. Difficulty: A high entry threshold.
  • Feature articles, reviews and interviews. Difficulty: High competition.
  • Testing games. Difficulties: it’s a low-paid and long job. Besides, it’s very little to try and do with enjoying, it’s a lot of regarding finding distinctive situations and errors in games.
  • Some games reward gamers for enjoying. they’re mentioned below.The higher than ways that ar nearer to standard work, however they typically take longer to relinquish a comparable remuneration.


Service edges
The ever-growing game info. currently this includes 50 thousand apps, for this year the team plans to achieve 200.000, which is able to build RAW the most important info of those games.
Personal recommendation. This project won’t solely choose video games, as per the user’s needs, howeveradditionally take into consideration ratings, comments.
Community gamers. Here, as in any social network, a participant within the game will leave a review regardingit. additionally planned to carry an issue and answer session with the participation of specialists.
Targeting and promotion. Most RRWs carry ads specifically at a price per unit. As a rule, earnings square measure generated through each thousand views. This platform receives data from players regarding games, gismo homeowners, their preferences.


Soft RAW amounted to 2 million dollars, that is, the project collected a minimum of funds to continue its work.
The result of the sale of tokens is $ 10 million, the maximum number of coins issued as a whole is 333,333,334.
The fund collected from sales is distributed as follows:

40% – on the construction of the community;
40% – for product development;
10% – information on project protection;
10% – for the back office.

Prospects for development
RAWG marker searches by the top of summer 2018, tokens are going to be public prizes. In October, users should be able to customise a info containing 100 thousand games. This project can embrace tools for UGC, publishers, and developer profiles.

Project principles
RAW was created not just for game players, however conjointly for corporations that give advertising services, in line with the interests of the participants.Platform answers the most queries of gamers.

The beginning value of the token is$ 0.03, the beginning value of the premium advertising format is $3 CPM. At a similar time, CPM-advertising rates for different services for gamers vary from $4 to $25, betting on the audience and targeting.

RAWG is associate easy-to-use associate level service that solves one all told the foremost necessaryproblems in business business – cross-platform specific recommendations.
unique idea for the choice of video games on numerous platforms. due to that, users cannot solelygenerate, they’re going to grasp which provide suits their interests. you’ll be able to enter the project for a amount of 1-2 years and earn sensible cash.
RAWG conjointly seeks to create a replacement system where gamers area unit rewarded as a result ofthey participate in time and skills.
RAWG will give access to community-made content appreciate bespoken individuals and suggestions that aren’t restricted to the platform and so promote their producers. RAWG will give advertisers and partners with access and tools to look with target markets.
You can see that the project incorporates a serious future.

Contact & Information
Website : http://token.rawg.io/
Whitepaper : https://token.rawg.io/docs/rawg-whitepaper-en.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3154912
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rawgtheworld
Twitter : https://twitter.com/rawgtheworld
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yG-PdRFWdUBSAB4WdvgGA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/RAWG/
Medium : https://medium.com/rawg/
Telegram : https://t.me/RAWGeng

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DealJoy – Global Cashback, Focuses On Confidentiality

This time i’ll discuss one in every of the excellent ICO, its name is DealJoy. what’s DealJoy and what virtues area unit on provide please see the subsequent article. Dealjoy may be a private centered cashback platform designed to attach net patrons with merchants to produce instant crypto cashback.

DEALJOY will be here now with the most economical alternative for the struggles of this cashback market. The applying given by the team is on the Android and also iOS platform. Bringing countless sellers and sellers on the stage also offering them the energy of blockchain technology will revolutionize the entire cashback market. Consumers may select from a very long list of merchants in order to obtain the best deals. Shopping to the stage will probably soon be simple and getting the cash back will be a lot simpler. Digital wallet online can be properly used to get the tokens got while still shopping.

A match making algorithm on the stage aids the consumer get the very best deals that fit their preferences and behaviour. Members around the stage can be obtained various distinctive services, such as prompt cash back and exclusive deals. Bringing block-chain artificial and technology technology on a single stage, they’ve been able to generate a stage to the long run of their cashback market.
Numerous loop-holes of this market have to become plugged for your prosperous increase of this cash-back market. Even the blockchain technology indicates amazing promises inside the a variety of small business niche and its time today to create it into the e commerce industry.

Dealjoy believes that a very customized cashback platform is required for the net searching businessworldwide to supply a worldwide audience with competitive cashback rates while not sacrificing user privacy.

Dealjoy operates between customers and on-line merchants by negotiating and onboarding the simplestaffiliate deals. As our members proceed to on-line stores through Dealjoy platform, they’ll receive cashback commissions for his or her purchases, with just about no characteristic personal data being provided to 3rdparties.

Global and anonymous small payments are created doable through the continued adoption of mass cryptocurrency.

Using our blockchain and ERC-20 technology customary tokens referred to as DEAL, the cash back are going to be provided in camera, globally, and instantly while not the minimum payout

Full GDPR compliance, instant anonymous payouts, and also the risk for purchasers to stay utterlyunidentified by the cashback platform area unit new standards within the affiliate trade.

Unique Selling Propositions

The Dealjoy platform provides a wholly distinctive resolution, that may not be found elsewhere. the moststrengths of Dealjoy ar in User Privacy, Instant Payments, and international convenience.

-Payouts instantly once the acquisition of products

-Globally obtainable from day one

-Virtually no distinctive personal knowledge collected from users

-Always absolve to use for everybody within the world

-No international various


Thanks to the character of theblockchain based scheme,no distinctive personal data is needed of Dealjoy members, representing an entire new customary within the affiliate business.

Dealjoy may be a international cashback platform in blockchain

Anonymous Payments
All Dealjoy cashback is paid anonymously among the ERC-compatible ERAL token.

No Personal Details
Thanks to the blockchain-based scheme, there’s no identification of private data needed from our members.

No information Sales
Your looking habits are not any one’s business, and we’ll keep that manner.

Contact & Information
Website : https://dealjoy.io/
Whitepaper : https://dealjoy.io/files/Dealjoy_Whitepaper.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628510
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dealjoy
Twitter : https://dealjoy.io/files/Dealjoy_Whitepaper.pdf
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Dealjoy/
Medium : https://medium.com/@dealjoy
Telegram : https://t.me/dealjoy

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