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Hi, this point i’ll discuss regarding RAWG project. by enjoying games you’ll get crypo.

What is RAWG?

Some time this the video game business has been growing actively in recent years. He now not acknowledges film production. Development of technology cluster helps to enhance the sport visually, in line of flow, process, function. Below i’ll review the advantages of RAWG, team, partners, and development prospects.

RAWG may be a multi-platform service for locating video games that flip the gameplay into product and services. “IMDb Game” contains a information of 50,000 developers and over fifty 6,000 games for 50platforms. RAWG guarantees to be the primary service that may suggest games supported cross-platform information and already supports profile synchronization with Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. Despite the actual fact that the sport takes plenty of your time and talent, players sometimes don’t receive real appreciation. In an attempt to alter this, RAWG problems a Blockchain resolution that may reward the worldwide diversioncommunity with RAWG tokens.

What problems did the RAWG project solve?
The game business has its traps. there’s presently no cross-platform recommendation service, and also thevariety of gamers victimisation a minimum of a pair of platforms (eg, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) is enough.
In addition, players invest cash, time, energy, knowledge, however it’s laborious for them to induce got it.Raw – solely cross-platform services, that concentrate on game users.

It is troublesome for players to be awarded for his or her hobby

The popular ways that for gamers to profit from games and associated difficulties:

  • Game streaming. Gamers play and broadcast themselves on-line on one among the dedicated platforms. They legitimatize content through advertising and donations from users. Difficulties: Gamers would like time to draw in audience and attention-grabbing content. there’s high competition on streaming platforms, thence the probabilities to profit ar tiny.
  • Making game walkthroughs. Difficulties: there’s high competition, and there’s no would like for severalwalkthroughs for every game. Besides, it’s long, and not everybody features a talent to explain their gambling expertise.
  • Podcasts or video blogs. Difficulty: it’s troublesome to form content. It takes time to draw in audience and advertisers.
  • Gambling competitions. Difficulty: A high entry threshold.
  • Feature articles, reviews and interviews. Difficulty: High competition.
  • Testing games. Difficulties: it’s a low-paid and long job. Besides, it’s very little to try and do with enjoying, it’s a lot of regarding finding distinctive situations and errors in games.
  • Some games reward gamers for enjoying. they’re mentioned below.The higher than ways that ar nearer to standard work, however they typically take longer to relinquish a comparable remuneration.


Service edges
The ever-growing game info. currently this includes 50 thousand apps, for this year the team plans to achieve 200.000, which is able to build RAW the most important info of those games.
Personal recommendation. This project won’t solely choose video games, as per the user’s needs, howeveradditionally take into consideration ratings, comments.
Community gamers. Here, as in any social network, a participant within the game will leave a review regardingit. additionally planned to carry an issue and answer session with the participation of specialists.
Targeting and promotion. Most RRWs carry ads specifically at a price per unit. As a rule, earnings square measure generated through each thousand views. This platform receives data from players regarding games, gismo homeowners, their preferences.


Soft RAW amounted to 2 million dollars, that is, the project collected a minimum of funds to continue its work.
The result of the sale of tokens is $ 10 million, the maximum number of coins issued as a whole is 333,333,334.
The fund collected from sales is distributed as follows:

40% – on the construction of the community;
40% – for product development;
10% – information on project protection;
10% – for the back office.

Prospects for development
RAWG marker searches by the top of summer 2018, tokens are going to be public prizes. In October, users should be able to customise a info containing 100 thousand games. This project can embrace tools for UGC, publishers, and developer profiles.

Project principles
RAW was created not just for game players, however conjointly for corporations that give advertising services, in line with the interests of the participants.Platform answers the most queries of gamers.

The beginning value of the token is$ 0.03, the beginning value of the premium advertising format is $3 CPM. At a similar time, CPM-advertising rates for different services for gamers vary from $4 to $25, betting on the audience and targeting.

RAWG is associate easy-to-use associate level service that solves one all told the foremost necessaryproblems in business business – cross-platform specific recommendations.
unique idea for the choice of video games on numerous platforms. due to that, users cannot solelygenerate, they’re going to grasp which provide suits their interests. you’ll be able to enter the project for a amount of 1-2 years and earn sensible cash.
RAWG conjointly seeks to create a replacement system where gamers area unit rewarded as a result ofthey participate in time and skills.
RAWG will give access to community-made content appreciate bespoken individuals and suggestions that aren’t restricted to the platform and so promote their producers. RAWG will give advertisers and partners with access and tools to look with target markets.
You can see that the project incorporates a serious future.

Contact & Information
Website : http://token.rawg.io/
Whitepaper : https://token.rawg.io/docs/rawg-whitepaper-en.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3154912
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rawgtheworld
Twitter : https://twitter.com/rawgtheworld
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yG-PdRFWdUBSAB4WdvgGA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/RAWG/
Medium : https://medium.com/rawg/
Telegram : https://t.me/RAWGeng

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