Muzika – Transforming The Music World Through Blockchain

Muzika in South Korea is connected with Mapiacompany, a top digital music communicating, and cooperation platform. Back in 2015, co founders of all Muzika watched a chance from the internet instrumental music business and also started on line instrumental music stage Mapiacompany. In only more than three decades, Mapiacompany has come to be the inch world wide instrumental music stage with more than two million users.

The group supporting Muzika have powerful startup Record and great Entrepreneur skills that were given Forbes 30 under-30 Asia at 2018. The project has financial aid from a number of venture capitals such as NEO world wide capital and partnered using block-chain endeavors like Ontology.

Block Chain technologies has swept the globe and Usage of tokenization Version has helped revolutionize various businesses. It’s time to allow the audio industry to start out. The final understand revolution from the audio industry was I pod. I pod’s arrival ten years past established a legacy which can not be ignored, but there continue to be challenges for artists | artists such as perhaps not earning enough money and decreasing fan-base because of no incentive mechanism to benefit buffs dedication and encourage.

Muzika is a innovative coin market which will purify the international Digital monitor market. By a range of components, Muzika eased the trail venture through the use of building a unbiased and appropriate digital music eco system.

Inorder to own transparency and reasonable supply, the block-chain technology utilization of contracts that are smart will probably allow automatic and instantaneous transport of tokens. No-longer users at the eco system need to wait till the ending of the calendar month to find loyalty points or fret about whether the move of tokens was satisfactory and correctly dispersed.
In addition, the usage of block-chain provides reassurance into the artist as most of contents advice (e.g. proprietor time stamp ) is going to soon be saved in block-chain giving an undisputable listing of that could be the owner of exactly what material, thus protecting ownership .

What Makes Us Different?
The preceding song block chain endeavor has ignored the significance of a major userbase to acquire wide-scale adoption. Those tasks have revealed it is miles workable to provide artists a much greater degree of fee to get their paintings using smart deal transactions. But for musicians, the very low cost rates presented from traditional track streaming bundles with a massive person base are more appealing than block-chain software the usage of smart compensation trades.

Muzika Assembles a eco system that’s driven by musicians and their fans that are rewarded because of the degree of devotion and dedication put in to music production and ingestion.

For Fans
Fans will probably be rewarded because of his or her respective network tasks (e.g. share, such as) with loyalty points, that can soon be changed to MZK coins. Fans may utilize MZK coins to host their favourite musicians, so encouraging them and in exchange receive exclusive benefits such as may enjoy exclusive & sponsor-only goods, services, and chances to adventure day-in-life-of their favourite celebrity and also participate with the creative means of a musical item.

For Artist
Unlike societal networking platforms such as face-book after, user-base in Muzika is not only going to work in community tasks (such as comment or talk ) but may even have a opportunity to host their favourite artist.

Muzika Ecosystem may even incorporate production aid to generate music record making it feasible to produce music without needing to register with a record tag. The massive userbase and integration with popular programs such as Mapia company may allow the bigger ingestion of artist articles and acquire rewarded tremendously for their own creativity.

In Addition, Muzika platform provides community events and programs such As auditions, competitions, livestreaming events that can help the brand new Artist to receive created and create their own name.

Token Details:
Token details:
Token name: Muzika
Symbol: MZK
Token type: ERC20
Total supply: 1 billion MZK

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