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What Is Fiiicoin?
Fiiicoin is a mobile mining based designed trade system where every Smartphone user will have the ability to take part in maintaining whole blockchain network without depending on high priced mining machines and graphic cards. The principle goal of make this coin into re utilize current resources specially mobile phones to participate in mining procedure. A non invasive IT user or crypto Fan who do not have money to invest can able to earn some reward just by participate in mobile exploration system.
FiiiCOIN. Additionally time require for conforming transaction and cost for trade is less than other cryptocurrency. Which will increase the adoption of FiiiCOIN available in market.

FiiiCHAIN, the blockchain technology underpinning the Fiii Ecosystem and functioning as the base for FiiiGroup’s solutions and products, is a product of years of development and research conducted by FiiiGroup in search of the ultimate blockchain technology. This was developed based on Bitcoin’s blockchain but minus the weaknesses and with the addition of a number of enhanced features and capabilities.

FiiiCHAIN Was Designed from the ground up with C Sharp (C#) Programming language, a widely recognized programming-language popular among large corporations. Featuring a dynamic layered approach to Blockchain design, tactical components of FiiiCHAIN could be modularized to match particular applications.

People says Blockchain tech cannot be hackon. But it may be Hacked with quickly computers know since quantum computers. Therefore threat of these computer continues to be there. But Fiiichain DPoC is design to resist with the quantum computers which reduce threat of hacking. There many more good options of Fiiichain and FiiiCOIN which are listed below.

Features of DPoC (Delegate Proof of Capacity):

1.Low Energy consumption
2.High-speed & high-frequency trading
3.Enhanced network security
4.Resistance to quantum computers
5.Lower entry threshold
6.Mining can be conducted using mobile devices such as tablets & smartphones

Fiiicoin is launching there professional services of FiiiATM. This will available Worldwide. That means that you may convert cryptocurrency to fiat money and withdraw at these ATMs.

FiiiCoin Network Architecture:
Fiicoin is a peer to peer network architecture that will connect constantly using numerous nodes to synchronize data within exactly the same network. P2P mean that node linked to server has same privileges and communicating capabilities that other have in apartment topology. It will provide other added solutions to routing system that will enhance the performance of peer to peer system and fresh nodes will able to readily access to other nodes inside the system. Fiiicoin network comprise several master nodes that are dispersed globally and providing data synchronization services and helping brand new nodes to come across other nodes quickly. Similarly to bitTorent additionally, it includes a international tracker system that seeds all busy nodes and provides all ipaddresses to newly connected node.

FiiiCoin For Online Retailers:
Fiiicoin is significantly more than only a crypto wallet and provides you a only way to look online and also make payments through Fiiipay network. It exchange has power capabilities of multi-crypto transactions and supports more than 1500 crypto coins. Their API is built to be incorporated with almost any website and online stores and present you a efficient system to ship and receive on the web. Blue tooth 4.0 beacon technology payment system will be used that’ll broadcast custom cover load data that contains user identity information. FiiiPOS terminal will detect custom pay load and process payment request.

FiiiEX Crypto Exchange:
FiiiEX can be a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies online only like other present exchanges. Only the Main different is it’ll continue to work under the FiiiGroup and supports FiiiPay and FiiiPOS through trading. Their exchange will be connected to Their app to take a look at latest trade or price simultaneously.

Token Sale :
Token : FIII
Platform : Own Blockchain
Token Price : 0.12 USD
Token for sale : 420,000,000 FIII (8%)
Token supply : 5,000,000,000 FIII
Soft cap : 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 40,000,000 USD
Accepting : BTC, USDT
Restricted countries :- Iran, North Korea, United States of America
Know Your Customer : Yes
Whitelist : No

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