MOOZICORE – World’s 1st Music Streaming Service On Blockchain

Moozicore is an innovative decentralized background music Service made for companies where background music is important. Moozicore is an advanced platform created to provide companies with high quality, fully accredited background music support, with great interactive characteristics that are put in place to guarantee consumer satisfaction and pleasure.

Moozicore assists these businesses to put the customers first and Allows the customers to actively play a role in figuring the songs they enjoy in people small business areas. This alone has benefits to both the customers and the businesses.

The Moozicore project is a exceptional project. This platform will Provide much better customer satisfaction experience while at the same time making the provision of musical entertainment an easier process for the company owners.

For clients, Moozicore will practically let music played in public Places, revolve around their personalized playlists making sure a much better experience.

The Significance of background music that you businesses has already Been established however that is an aspect that many companies find hard to get right.

Presently, companies often have limited playlists to entertain their Clients from, particularly the bigger ones. Various Customers have another preference in music.

Music has the capacity to lift a Individual’s disposition or help them unwind and There should be different types of tunes for various days of the day, different days of the week as well as different weather conditions.

All these calls for an Extremely flexible, flexible and large playlist Giving companies and their clients the best experience. When this can be done wrong it may cause dissatisfaction from clients but when gotten directly, it can result in more returning clients as a result of form of satisfaction gotten equally by the service left and also the experience that comes with it.

Business model
Moozicore business model relies on three sources of revenue

1. SaaS
For a monthly subscription charge venue owners get access to a web panel that enables them to create playlists from countless songs from Moozicore’s completely licensed library with the chance to let customers engage with the audio right form their telephones.

2. Microtransactions
Venue’s customers pay with MooziCoins (MZI) to vote for upcoming songsand add songs to venue’s playlist and request music to be played next.

3. Advertising
Moozicore incorporates background audio support with TV displays in places for better engaging the customers and allowing in-location advertising for manufacturers.

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