VANTA – Decentralized Network for Connectivity

The VANTA Network is a decentralized and permissionless Community That ensures real-time, secure and personal connectivity. Through the VANTA Network, both individuals and corporations will have the ability to come up with real-time information transmission services and commercialize these services at reduced costs. Even the VANTA Network will gradually aim to permit unlimited connectivity among all devices regardless of location.

The VANTA Network’s goal is to allow individuals to produce Decentralized networks which execute real-time data transmissions in addition to process and save that data by selecting smart peers, cooperating, and evaluating each other using the VANTA Network protocol along with the consensus algorithm.

Real-time networking technology covers a vast range of areas. The technology can be used for messaging / document transfer / voice & video call improvement, large-scale real time video streaming, and processing & processing different real-time information accumulated from IoT sensors. Besides fixing these issues throughout the VANTA blockchain, VANTA will provide and expand enterprise-level telecommunications community solutions to businesses and business clients.

VANTA will aim to solve the following issues through decentralized smart network based on blockchain technology.

1. Growing Network Throughput and Price

Current networks and infrastructures that support different real time Media are hitting throughput limits. This means that companies won’t have the ability to provide reliable services, because server and network costs will increase along with the growing amount of data transmitted. VANTA will solve the throughput and cost problems by creating the typical computers and mobile devices around the globe, whose performance rapidly increases each year, to contribute to real-time media.

2.Real-Time Networking Development Costs and Issues with Centralized Services

Many companies are restricted (or even fail) to developing real-time Media services due to the price, time, and lack of skills required to create and operate such services. Because of this, a growing number of companies are using Dedicated API services that help develop real-time networking purposes. Still, there are some problems with concentrated APIs. Once a centralized API is used, the fee increases considerably as the utilization increases. Moreover, if an API provider suddenly changes coverages, stops the API service without notice, or experiences temporary downtime, the company developing the professional services according to the provided API will be negatively influenced. Also, because the information is stored on a dedicated server, it can not be free of hacking or privacy difficulties. These problems can be solved by building a decentralized community for real time media which is not owned orcontrolled by anybody, and this can be used to give various real-time networking APIs for businesses.

3. Privacy concerns resulting from moving and storing personal data

In the future, more diverse personal data will stream within the System to be moved between devices, and can be stored in various centralized servers to be able to provide a smooth service expertise. However, if users can’t know whether if the information is correctly encrypted, sent, stored, and deleted by the server, users may become stressed due to various hacks in addition to corporate & government surveillance. At the identical time, personal data leakage can cause great damage. Having a blockchain, however, it is possible to transparently confirm the practice of transmitting / saving / deleting data. Decentralized nodes, additionally, transmit and store real time information, which avoid hacking and excessive/malicious use of private data.

4. Access to information generated by apparatus and the data usage fees

In the future, There’ll be an increase in the need to ship and Receive data in real-time between individuals and devices and between devices. In such a situation, it is necessary to have a system that could function transparently and correctly according to the principles decided between the devices without any human intervention for acquiring the information access permission automatically, configuring the temporary system for receiving the data, and also paying the price for the information use. Therefore, VANTA plans to create an efficient system which can quickly and safely send and get information in real-time by making a competitive system that immediately configures networks according to every circumstance.

5. Trust at the communication between parties and hope in the information transferred from Several apparatus

Currently, various goods, shops, and press are evaluated and Shared by people. People Assess the purchase, use, and visitation of Products, stores, and media, but there isn’t any evaluation of individuals or the Devices people are communicating with. In the future, there will be A growing number of real-time communicating across individuals and apparatus, and Credible tests will be necessary. Trust will achieved later on Whether someone is engaged in everyday life or a company is Conducting business.

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