RENTO – Creating Ecosystems for The Development of Sharing Economy

Rento is a International exchange platform for Both businesses and People Which enables you to rent assets. Unlike competitors in the current market, Rento supplies rental of almost any object to any person, instead of merely focusing on one market (cars, apartments). Furthermore, Rento uses blockchain technologies to execute a solid market through smartcontracts, making sure that lease conditions are met, which parties can count on each other to send and yield a product or service. Rentoseeks to introduce exchange economics from the everyday lives of people around the planet, reducing waste from the economy and allowing more people to use various services and products without needing to assume the expense of owning each kind of thing they use.

The Notion of sharing economics is based on the full use of economic resources. And that is exactly what Rento is planning for. Rento offers a mobile program (plus a web platform) that allows users to record their unused assets for share or rent on their stage. Each Rento listing includes key aspects of an advantage or source, like the rental cost, availability schedule, image or movie of the real thing, specifications and requirements unique to the asset.

The organization Rento provides Several sections of products and services, focusing mostly on businesses and service providers to complete the platform a massive supply of available resources to make sure the system will initially be enough resources for consumers to locate her appealing. Rento will be launched together with main listing sections, including household itemsand lawn mowers or snow blowers, through more industrial supplies, including joint offices and conference rooms, building gear, parking spaces, and even human resources. Along with growing the exchange platform, Rento intends to make a minumum of one mortar and brick rental shop as evidence of the concept for the ecosystem exchange.

The Objective of Rento is To enlarge the sharing economy to untouched industries. She’s very likely to face stiff competition from established players. AirBnB, operating in the field of rental / lease of real estate, also Turo, functioning in the industry of leasing a private car, are one of the main competitors. However, these competitors are restricted both in their range and at the assortment of items provided. As an example. AirBnB is just focused on leasing space for diversion, while many people also require temporary office area. Turo isn’t valid in many geographic regions. Furthermore, none of them serves enterprises. Throughout the business there are various kinds of equipment which may be shared between people but there’s no way for individuals to access other people’s gear, and there is no sure method to check the credibility of systems. From agriculture to construction to office equipment, the capacity for an exchange economy is enormous.

Rento Token is meant for launch on servers using cryptocurrencies. Even though the first Rento token is based on ERC 20, the organization intends to transfer Rento to the Proof-of-Authority Blockchain. Although all transactions in the Rento application is going to be dependent on intelligent contracts, and it’ll be possible to create transactions and security deposit in all currencies (crypto along with fiat), apt contracts and transactions will be charged only in Rento tokens.


Rento is creating a product answer for individuals and organizations to share Matters and administrations that, as of not long ago, should happen to be purchased. The Rento arrangement is dependent upon the expanding”sharing economy” showcase, yet rather than a spotlight on one vertical, Rento is providing an entire arrangement, including shrewd contracts, for anybody to lease or get anything or administration. Similarly that online business destinations, as an instance, eBay do not constrain themselves into a single sort of matter, Rento is giving the sharing market commercial centre. Rento is utilizing blockchain invention for the shrewd contracts that guarantee confidence all through the framework.

The Concept of sharing market is worked round the utilization of Monetary assets to their fullest capacity, and that is really what Rento is expecting to attain. Rento suggests a portable application (and internet stage) that enables clients to list their unused resources for leasing or sharing onto its Platform. Each posting on Rento comprises the crucial areas of the benefit or asset, for instance, its leasing price, availability timetable, photos or movie of the actual item, details, and provisions and requirements explicit into the benefit.


Empowering individuals to find yourself a piece of the global sharing economy and supply their unutilized resources efficiently.

The Concept of sharing economy has been by and by for a very long time, Both in a man to-individual measurement and in a higher broker scale. Time-shares, fostering cooperatives, and casual match programs allow a gathering of individuals to discuss one costly advantage among them. With the spread of the net, the sharing market display has witnessed monstrous advancement because of the capability to impart to people you haven’t met through attracted together associations that guarantee confidence.

Over the previous decade, the world has seen small new businesses Transform into multibillion-dollar associations (Uber, Airbnb). In Spite of the accomplishment of sharing-based organizations across the World, the sharing market screen hasn’t achieved its potential and has Various dangers related wtoits mass selection.

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