BQT – Social P2P Crypto Exchange And Hedge Trading Platform

What Is BQT?
The BQT P2P Platform uses decentralized and secure advantages of both block-chain whilst delivering adaptive functionality for dealers worldwide. Since our product offerings grow, so will the payoff and liquidity chances for crypto dealers.

The goal of BQT would be always to create a culture and community of Crypto Traders utilising the Platform, helping town and profiting from town.

The Exchange BQT system provides a stable, interactive and Adaptive P2P trade environment and a userfriendly interface for managing several forms of trades involving multiple assets that are encrypted. The direction platform allows world wide traders to negotiate their own Crypto real estate trades directly reaching eachother and share their adventures with town. To benefit from the stocks of several different Crypto Assets,” BQT presents the Hedge Transaction System. Unlike Margins and Forex Currency trading, the Hedge Trade platform is a more flexible means for traders to get Crypto resources to get a short time period by depositing their own existing Crypto account.

To Leverage holdings of varied Crypto Assets, BQT showcasing the revolutionary Hedge Trades system. Unlike Margins and Forex Currency Trading, BQT Hedge Trade platform is a more flexible way of bettors of obtaining Crypto Assets for a shortterm period by way of escrow in these existing Crypto holdings.

This Revolutionary approach enables Crypto Traders leverage their own Crypto Holdings to acquire substantial selection of additional Crypto Assets they have confidence in with no demand of a conventional gross profit commerce.

P2P Exchanges take one special benefit — People cope with People. It gives unparalleled flexibility in real trading atmosphere.

Means to negotiate transactions with all individuals straight, speed and discuss Their trading expertise delivers up most competitive and overburdened trading advantage. That’s an accurate rationale more dealers are changing towards P2P broker type trades.

Economy of the current traders needs more flexibility and Originality of their P2P transactions, in addition to, deeper societal interaction between possibility and traders of hedging various crypto resources contrary to eachother.


Lots of companies and projects have emerged to supply goods and Services that ease the usage of emoney for users and build infrastructure such as software that run using obstructing cubes. public. Even though the digital money industry Includes numerous significant actors and classes, you will find just four leading digital money businesses nowadays:

Payment Businesses


Exchange is just one of the very first solutions to emerge from the digital money Industry: whilst the very first market was set in ancient 2010 because of job that enabled users to ancient trade Bit coin and hence market cost. In the current modern world, Crypto Exchanges supplies the service of purchasing and selling digital currency and also other digital resources for the federal currency along with different digital money and performs a vital part within the electronic currency market.

Exchange P2P agent

In the past few months of March 2018, localbitcoins along with other trading Volume over the P2P stage have seen a sharp growth in Miscellaneous markets, together with world wide volume rising into 75 million 2500 each week. European and canadian P2P markets are creating document volumes. BTC / IDR trades made a listing IDR 580 million per week in March on Localbitcoins, although Viet Nam’s P2P transaction generated the Next greatest volume using a growth of 3.725 billion VND.

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DOMINIUM – First Global Property Platform On The Blockchain

What Is Dominium?
Dominium is a global stage at which all of the normative documentation will probably be standardized and also the resources will be set in the series of cubes along with the earnings, the rents and also the management of possessions. Employing the subsidiary series Ardor, Dominium will get the mandatory regulatory abilities, that allow establishing standardized legal templates to your own financing of possessions.

That enables companies to Establish criteria for homeowners to And since resources are created within an blockchain, their owners are ensured complete transparency and security. Additionally, Dominium is ensured by means of a portfolio of property resources which generate revenue and supply future development and upkeep of the platform.

The blockchain technology that was devised with the not known man popularly called satoshinakamoto has seen amazing adaptation and usage within the previous handful of years. The abrupt interests in blockchain technology that has given birth to so many projects that are looking for capital throughout First Coin Offerings is really a consequence of certain features which the blockchain technology owns. Even the block-chain technology is tremendously admired as a result of its own system of security with that it supplies to data which can be written by its own system and it is admired due to its causal character.

The Decentralized character of this blockchain technology removes a variety of unnecessary intermediaries over the series of trade reducing the expenses which clients need to endure before they are able to finish any kind of trade within their investment actions. To orgasm all of it, the blockchain ledger system additionally organizes information in a extremely coordinated and decentralized manner that makes it feasible for associates to the stage to have access to advice from all round the globe.

Additionally, it Is against the background that Dominium attempts to inculcate the blockchain technology in to the owning a home to provide the most useful of all services to investors that attempt to get in the company of Real Estate.

Property is among the earliest & most recognized businesses on earth. Development of this endeavor Dominium is participated from the team, that started its activity as the center of the 19th century, needing todate its own workings, capital, and land resources.
The team is currently growing an global platform for Property direction depending on the next creation blockchain. This will permit using all of the features of spread technology, such as decentralization, reliability, and security while in the subject of property.

As a Blockchain will probably be utilized Ardor, Dominium plans to completely Incorporate to it the commerce of land, including contracts, contracts and asset administration, along with alternative chances. The resources for sale might be purchased by any part of their Dominium system, and blockchain will offer liquidity and transparency of this trade.

Dominium Attempts to make use of the remarkable features of this blockchain technology in resolving the centralization dilemma in realestate investment. Even the Dominium platform will function as worldwide stage for those routines of Real Estate development.

Dominium Platform is going to be constructed on the blockchain technology however to be specific that the Ardor child series. This decentralized platform will function as a bonded platform to its significant stakeholders in realestate investment like property managers, agents etc. . publicly share information regarding assets to ensure additional interested investors may get them to get advice in regards to the land recorded on the stage. Even the blockchain technology that includes its own immutable and bonded blockchain ledger will make sure that information which are clicked unto it can’t be changed by any thirdparty system. This will offer whole security for resources which can be recorded on this stage.

The Realestate Investment platform will want to give equal chances for investors in order to begin using some cheap startup funds. The most remarkable thing concerning Dominium systems is that, it provides chance for all of us who wants to get in the company of property Investment. This strategy goes quite a way to raise the net worth of investment because more capital could be generated the stage out of numerous set all around the globe.

More over, The real world nature of this blockchain technology may even guarantee that traders may take part privately peertopeer trades without the help of any central person. This technique would also save some funds they had to incur with the older system of realestate investments.

Dominium Comprehends the transparency and security on the stage is quite crucial for its sustenance and secure functioning of this platform. Thus, members that combine the Dominium platform could be asked to experience a Know Your Client (KYC) and also Anti-Money Laundering security procedure to safeguard their individuality on this stage. Please consult with this white paper to learn more regarding the security process that associates could undergo as a way to authenticate themselves onto the stage.

How it functions

Inorder to participate in the real estate business, Dominium must honor With fundamental regulations. Specifically, it’s crucial to adhere to know your customer (KYC) and also anti-money laundering (AML) legislation.

Thus, participators from Dominium have to enroll together with the stage so as to unlock complete platform functionality.

The confirmation procedure contains three clearance levels and also contains the supplying of:
– Current email Address (CL1)
– Mobile telephone (CL1)
– Valid ID (Passport, Photo ID, Driving license) (CL1)
– Recent evidence of speech (such as utility bill or bank statement) (CL2)
– Tax Identification Number (TIN) (CL2)
– Banking Account details from the title of this account holder (CL2)
– Self Certification of HNW standing or lien Sort standing (CL3)
– Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Dominium doesn’t and Won’t generate equity statutes which signify Ownership of an advantage. Rather, the business has made a decision to alternatively offer you a usefulness token. This token is popularly known as the DOM token. DOM tokens will probably be utilized to pay for all tasks about the Dominium stage, such as:

– Production of Assets
– Trading of Assets
– Creation of service
– Voting for charities
– List a home available
– Listing a home for lease
– Registering a leasing arrangement
– Registering a buy arrangement

While prices charged on Dominium is going to be billed Euro, they could simply be paid at DOM tokens, hence diluting their continuing use.

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COINOLIX Cryptocurrency Exchange Ecosystem

What Is Coinolix Exchange?
Coinolix Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Coinolix Exchange has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable platforms for crypto currency trading platform with a high level of security. One of the safest, fastest and most powerful platforms today. It performs, establishes all the basics and relationships to focus the Coinolix Exchange as a means to open markets for adoption and integration for emerging markets. In addition, all trading fees will be paid using the CLX token.

The trading and investing in crypto currencies, over the past few years have proven that it can be a very profitable enterprise which there are various types of crypto-exchange platforms that provide characteristics that are traditionally associated with major world markets. Despite the numerous platforms and even the technologies they apply, these exchange platforms has not been able to give a convincing answers the issue bothering exchange platform users. The development of technology and the digital ecosystem has evolved the need for emerging crypto currencies and at the same time there is much theft through weak systems in the absence of strong security in protecting the assets of crypto, architectural issues are there, liquidity, language barrier, poor customer support and banking hurdles.

The birth of Coinolix Exchange will proffer solutions to the prevailing crypto exchange ecosystem challenges listed above. Coinolix platform will employ some techniques like Two-factor authentication, Encryption and Backup, Exchange audit, etc to ensure a concrete security solution. Here at Coinolix Exchange platform issue of poor customer support, language barrier, and every other challenges.

Coinolix Exchange platform is initiated and backed with the best software developers, financial experts, security professionals, network administrators and support staff with unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team believes in the disruptive power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, and understands that most existing cryptocurrencies are great for techies but complex for common users; as such, brings strength and credibility to the project. So with them on the Coinolix Exchange project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

• Matching Engine
High number of trade requests can be countered with the adaptable and extensible engine in a matter of moments.

• Features
– Spot market trading
– Margin trading
– Futures market trades.

• Tradable Assets
Coinolix exchange will support trading pairs in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO (ANS), CNC (Coinolix Coin), USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin)

• User interface
We will provide cross-platform Device Coverage on all browser-based trading platform, Android and IOS device platform, PC (Windows, mac, linux) trading platform, REST API.

• 24/7 Customer support
support and responsibilities to be distributed within our staff and company in such a way that customer specific problem can be solved by the designated officer for that particular problem.
• Security

DDoS attacks protection: Due to high-traffic activity cryptocurrency exchanges are regularly prone with DDoS attack. Use secure distributed network of CDN (content delivery network) server that can successfully take load of good number of database request in any given moment to keep exchange services online 24/7.

Exchange audit: devoted Vulnerability Research Team will watch the platform execution day in and day out to keep any conceivable defencelessness attacks. Will also think of additional safety efforts as the market appropriation develops in upcoming future.

Encryption and Backup: Will use complex encryption strategies and perform day by day information reinforcements to ensure all the user data is secure. This approach moved down by decentralized foundation will enable us to secure client’s information even in the direct outcome imaginable of hypothetical hacking attack.

Token Sale

  • Token Symbol CLX
  • Token typeERC-20
  • Total supply of 1 Billion CLX
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, ETH
  • Exchange Listing SymbolCLX
  • Country of incorporationEstonia
  • Pre-sale
  • Token Rate 1 CLX = 0.20 USD
  • Pre-Sale supply100 Million CLX
  • Start Date 8 Oct 2018
  • End Date Nov 7 2018
  • Minimum Purchase of 500 USD
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, ETH, LTC
  • 20% bonus
  • Crowdsale
  • Token Rate 1 CLX = 0.25 USD
  • Pre-Sale supply 400 Million CLX + Remaining tokens from Pre-Sale
  • Start Date Nov. 8 2018
  • End Date 13 Dec 2018
  • Minimum Purchase of 100 USD
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, ETH, USD
  • First and Second weeks bonus20%
  • Three 10% Week Bonus
  • Four 5% bonus week
  • Five No Bonus bonus week

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DataXchain – Services Trade Data Based on Blockchain

What Is DataXchain?
DataXchain is decentralized services commerce data centered on blockchain. DataXchain Supply personalized fitting services between owner User and Data Information via Intelligent Matching Engine (IME). Our exceptional and trades eased and listed with Smart Contracts.

After the person who owns the info stack the data (sound and picture ), the data enrichment process (tagging and cataloging) begun to show raw data to digital resources wind. With the qualities of their tips and hunt, data users opt to obtain digital resources. Data users subsequently got permission to down load the data to down load data purchased just as far as you would like.

DataXchain genuinely believe that the intent behind Intelligent Information Society will be always to present the maximum efficacy for all humanity, depending on brand new values generated on a base of ICT, to present intelligent innovation and technology into the overall public. Data flowing throughout the system communicating of advice worldwide is an essential resource for the current society.

Due to this Truth That data disrupts just about all elements of our own lives and becomes a critical resource, DataXchain’s capacities brings infinite scale, also this is the level to which it could greatly enhance our own lives.

Simple to Use

Provides simplified down load services and procedures to see prospective costs on internet sites and cellular applications.


Intelligent data processing: with advanced AI technology and large data, it provides automatic mapping and cataloging (DataXchain Machines)


Quick and Strong Service procedure: DataXchain allows simultaneous, but majority procedures in a number of opensource projects, like the Sharding Ethereum undertaking.


Providing uninterrupted services to guarantee stable flexible and services applications.

Structure for hightech software


Increased security and Real-time monitoring: Shield the DataXchain coating with Smart Contracts handled by the blockchain system and different important stores.


Prevent filter bubbles with all the automated fitting process based mostly on several different hybrid algorithms. DataXchain is A”service to get main data exchange founded on blockchain”. DataXchain gives you special mapping services between Data Owners and Information Consumers through our exceptional Smart Matching Mechanism (IME), and also trades are facilitated and listed from Smart Contracts. Subsequent to the buy decision is made, the wise contract has been executed automatically, and also the paid DataXchain (DXCT) token is provided for the information owner. Data users are subsequently allowed to down load data to put in as much data as they need. DataXchain may convert raw data to clear digital resources which represent various types of data which may be traded. By way of instance, from the practice of processing simple videos or photos, complete feature packs hyper-sensitive analytical tool system which could capture even the tiniest details of videos and photos. Results ease data users to obtain what they desire, to probably the many accurate features, while data owners may have a greater data reception rate. As crude oil has been processed to petrol, DataXchain attracts the commercialization of My Info to some other level. That will be an integral aspect in the conversion and utilize which interrupts the achievement of each stage.

One of those DataXchain attributes that differentiate it from other comparable Platform is a strong, one-of-its-kind technology which forces”Enrichment Procedure Data”. Through this innovative technology, competent DataXchain turn raw data in to Digital Asset very defined, that’s the data which can be discerned and will be exchanged.

By Way of Example, beneath the Method, videos or images may simply be granted a Total package feature under hyper sensitive analytical tool systems that could catch even the tiniest detail in videos and photos. Result User ease data to obtain what they would like to feature into the best suited, while Own Data will undergone a greater degree of decision to their own data.

SECURIX – Next Generation Mining Services

What Is Securix?
Securix is ​​a cryptocurrency mining solution located from the Netherlands. It’s ready-to-operate products, environmentally conscious energy apps and SRXIO tokens backed by advanced resources, Securix offers enhanced significance and also distinct services and products in contrast to cloud mining processes, offering passive earnings sharing each month to investors out of their mining operations while protecting token holders from price volatility.

Securix is Based on a token system that rewards token holders every month with payments. This token-based economy type may help alleviate many common cloud mining problems. Clients will not lose their investment when the industry decline and mining aren’t profitable. Instead, Securix will assign a portion of the proceeds of these company since company reserves to maintain lights while they wait patiently for the market to recover. In addition, the tokens will be secured with smart contracts in order that they may not be canceled until they conduct the app.

In an effort To increase investor ROI, Securix provides a profit-sharing of 45 percent of monthly revenues to SRXIO token holders. Investors who buy SRXIO parts of this company invest in real and tangible assets. Furthermore, the business will buy or scale backpacks from the current market and increase the value of tokens and yearly output thus increases the chances of trading the SRXIO token greater compared to its initial price after being recorded on the market. Lecurix also acquired a distinctive wallet called the Mega Vault Wallet. Besides keeping the buyer’s SRXIO token, it gives an individual the ability to attain status, obtain a badge and win prizes.

Token Holders are exempt from all possible risks, Securix carries this particular risk. Bitcoin and transparency within our business are run with honesty and transparency. On a monthly basis, we’ll issue a total level of Bitcoin that we have been interested in in our Mega Vault application. Our tokens and smart contracts are all based on ERC 20 Ethereum blockchain.Bitcoin cannot be spread via an ethereum blockchain. We’ll convert our Bitcoin into ethereum to automate 4-5% gross revenue share into our market holders.

Bitcoin mining in home is no more worth it in this period of ASIC miner. Even mining pools cannot expect to compete in utter efficacy and profitability with industrial Bitcoin mining farms. Worries emerged that bitcoin and the associated profits might wind up being concentrated in the hands of a few companies. Bitcoin mining ICOs offering ordinary people an opportunity to make money from this tendency have become hugely popular. Unfortunately, many of them are either outright scams or somewhat dishonest, with hidden costs and other complications cutting into the promised return on investments.

How It Works?
The Securix center in the coastal Netherlands will mine Bitcoins Utilizing the latest ASIC mining hardware (yet to be selected). In the conclusion of every month beginning with January 2019, holders of this company’s SRXIO tokens are going to receive automatic pay outs from a pool of 45 percent of their plantation’s overall mining income (before deductions) proportionate to the amount of tokens held. Securix will convert Bitcoins into Ether in order to make use of smart contracts in the Ethereum network for those transfers. 15 percent of those tokens will be long to the founders and you will be impossible to sell until October 20-19, giving them skin in the game.

Buyback Token
Buying tokens from Industry will depend on the market conditions and will probably be done at an industry price. The purchased parts will be burnt . The token pool quantity will decrease, and also the monthly gross revenue will be broken across a smaller nominal pool. This increase both value and output per token.

Mining Hardware Purchase
In case the Bitcoin cost and complexity are favourable, we can anticipate an increase in gross sales. Whatever the case, our token value is included in thousands of mining machines running in our center, and also adding new hardware will increase.

Securix Mega Vault Wallet
The Securix Mega Vault Dash Board program will probably soon be available afterwards 2018 for users . This application allows users to store SRXIO Tokens on their smartphone . The app will include the following Options: Securix monthly , bitcoins volume, possessed level of SRXIO Tokens, hashing ability of this center, SRXIO output balance, and news section. The app will also enable you to keep track of your monthly outputs. These outputs will soon be transferable at all times. When You have Transferred your SRXIO balance to your Securix Mega Vault Dashboard, you Will begin to acquire status. Everytime you go up a tier, you will receive a badge, a status or even a decoration.

Token sale details

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TheTOKApp – The Future of Communication

What’s TOK?
It’s a multi-functional decentralized chat application built in the Ethereum Blockchain. While offering users all the basic qualities of a conversation application, it also supplies a lightweight in-built cryptocurrency wallet. While communication with friends and family through TOK, the application offer a lot more functionalities as compared to the conventional immediate messaging apps.

TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features which can be ideal for personal and professional functions. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video transmissions, higher level location features and currency transfer are a few of our core offerings.

Screen sharing
Users should have the ability to discuss the display with their connections. This is among the most important features of enterprise-specific programs while using the application. End users will also have the ability to procure their display by limiting or allowing screenshots while discussing their screens.

Collaborative materials
This job may allow customers to work together if needed. When it is a business enterprise, a simple student venture, or even children members venture, the collaborative client certification will share their continuous job accreditation with them. Other They will have the option to decide on who is able to look at and transform documents and change their preferences depending on their needs.

Users should have the ability to combine or participate in webinars via this option accessible from the TOK app. Among the earliest features with this type from im programs, webinars will probably be game changers. Clients will need to purchase a TOK CreditScore to reap the good advantage with the selection. The internet seminar planners are going to have the option to arrange 100 percent complimentary or paid webinars. Possible webinars will have short efforts and are available for a few months period. For compensated webinars, people will execute for TOK features to be found at or perspective webinars after.

E-lightweight pockets in development is one of the primary options of TOK. Our clients will be able to send and receive in the TOK group via pockets. Employing TOK cards, clients will also have the ability to buy or register to top quality solutions such as webinars.

Instant texting application
The increased usage of mobile phones and About the internet transmission has generated numerous im programs in online interaction. Folks choose to use im over traditional SMS and MMS sms details techniques. Immediate texting allows users to communicate instantly, verifying if their details have been accessed or even read by the consumer, making it much more suitable. One of the main benefits of im is its 100% free use, the convenience of its own user interface (simplicity ) and its own extensive accessibility across all gadgets and systems. cellular.

Many in apps can be found the systems for clients around the earth. Some apps illustrate texting and texting features, moving above the cost and capacity of traditional SMS. In im apps, the content length isn’t restricted to a few words or characters and also the consumer may discuss different types such as images, video clips and voice searches readily.

TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features which can be employed for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, advanced location features and money exchange are a few of our center offerings.

TOK intends to build a new world of communication with faster, more secure and private communicating’s allowing people all over the globe.
TOK will be the new age of communication application that’ll enable users with easy and secure exchange of data not just through chats (Team and Private) and Audio or Video calls but also empower its users with several additional features that will help create a communication ecosystem that’s perhaps not just perceptible for private but also for professional use or intentions.

Technology has its upside and downside. From the electronic age of communicating one of the key disadvantage has become the breach of user Data; the one that’s becomes continuous anxiety.
With firms and hacker making money off the private information of Consumers, TOK intends to find the end of that fear that has engulfed the World with solitude flows and data hacks.

What is TOK’s Goal?
TOK want’s to create an program for communicating, at a community that will not be reliant on host, or be affected by government arrangements. TOK Combines high degree privacy and security of user data with the maximum Convenient performance – the blockchain framework.

Characteristics of the TOK portfolio
The TOK program will Have a mild and mobile profile that allows clients to keep and transaction safely with TOK wedding party and every ERC20 suitable token. Users will have the ability to purchase and sell products or Simply exchange Wedding-Party working with a pockets.

Touse the Webinar service, clients might have to pre-purchase a TOK credit score utilizing the Symbol token.

All dealings created with the TOK pockets will probably be documented over the Ethereum path.

Tech – Blockchain Ethereum
Blockchain Ethereum wasn’t designed as a method for creating and saving accounting details from the very first blockchain exchange message; Instead, it was developed with much more thoughts than the usual community and general blockchain with a broad truing development speech. This permits clients to write apps with custom deal type and even special Exchange attributes, essentially translating the guidelines they want to Manage to their own dealings and for. The blockchain statement describes those guidelines. This is referred to as a sensible contract.

Clever supplies on the Blockchain Ethereum have their own address and their own digital resources, which means it is likely to send the property to other parties using predetermined guidelines in the Contract’s contract code. The best thing is that the deals are apparent to everybody in the system. Brilliant agreements can be completely employed for a number of reasons because they are able to Implement complex recommendations and perhaps even computerized rewards, not just for invoices. But also multi-part techniques like online auctions and more.

The advanced attributes and working environments of this Blockchain Ethereum create it probably the most acceptable system for the TOK system.

Token Symbol Allocation

  • 4% is invested in the Advisory Board.
  • 5% goes to Resources, Recommendations, Community Bldg
  • 6% are designated to promote transmission.
  • 10% is invested in growth and source funds.
  • 10% is invested in the primary group.
  • 65% was invested in pre-sales and ICO traders.

Contact & Information
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CATENA Exchange – A Completely Decentralized Trading Platform

Catena is a decentralized trading platform that ignites the disruptive convenience of blockchain technology to alter the global commerce market. Throughout the last few decades, worldwide trade has considerably increased, both in revenue and volume. Despite relieving the living requirements of most, the sector is still faced with challenges that inhibit the realization of its entire potential. These are the conditions that the Catena exchange aims to address.

Catena to use revolutionary technologies and algorithms employing the blockchain technology, in order to build a solid platform that will interrupt and eventually change the method by which the trade economy works.

Global trade Market Size and Economic Growth
Trade has continued to encourage economic growth and development, helping to decrease poverty across the world. World product exports have grown in value by about 32 per cent since 2006, reaching more than 75000 16 billion in 2017. At precisely the exact same time, world exports of commercial agencies have quickened by about 64 percent, reaching a total of 2500 4.77 trillion.

The highest growth in merchandise trade has been achieved by manufactured goods and agricultural products, which have significantly increased by 37 per cent and 67 per cent in value respectively. We strongly think that the growth of new technologies is likely to have a positive impact on commerce in forthcoming years, offering many new opportunities to entrepreneurs and tiny businesses across the globe, fulfilling Catena vision and mission.

Global Trade growth challenges and barriers
Fraud is a challenge the world suffers from global trading, as over 90% in the united states and 95 percent in Asia of firms have been confronted with fraud, and also this is due to the fragility of the present systems even the digital ones, it is estimated that fraud causes a loos of about 4 Trillion 75000 annually, resulting in a few firms and businesses to declare bankruptcy and shutdown, a frequent means of committing fraud in commerce is by buying goods or services to open account with the only objective of absconding without paying.

The majority of the occasions the very first delivery is contrary to cash to gain trust. If, for the upcoming delivery, then the charge provided is for 30 or even 60 days for example, there is enough time for your customer to obtain items, resell run and them.

Sometimes the buyer and seller set up valid organizations within their respective countries and execute a couple of transactions on a comparatively modest scale over a period of 12 months. This is often enough time to create a payment background and receive yourself a credit risk assessment, becoming perceived as verifiable and reliable. That is followed by a major order, which is typically insured with no problem. The vendor exports fake goods from a vent with inadequate shipping procedures and also owner creates false documentation revealing that goods have been supposedly sent.

In other circumstances, fraudulent policy holders misstate overdue, establish deceptive payment approaches, or present audited financial statements founded on false info.

With modern technology it has become relatively easy and inexpensive to create a bogus site or bogus trade records with convincing logos and documentation such as bills of lading. The belief of a valid business or commerce transaction is easily made.

Yet there are numerous challenges as well as fraud, supply chain issues and its related matters, regulations, exchange rate volatility, transparency and more, all these have an immediate effect on the international trade and its own growth.

Immediate and full payment, especially for small- and – midsize businesses (SMEs), may indicate the difference between bankruptcy and survival. Earning Payments is one of the major challenges companies face in gambling, this originates from a selection of problems, including Currency changes Procedure inefficiencies Limited payment visibility Bank fees Challenges originating from payment issues impact these companies primarily through increased foreign-exchange-rate vulnerability, increased costs and limited ability to answer emergency payments, these have wider consequences for company profitability and validity.

Opportunities with the global trade Development challenges
Catena tends to handle this 16 trillion 2500 market, offering a robust method to ease its growth and influence on international economy, the simple fact that Catena provides a smooth, speedy, and dependable platform will enable small and medium traders to combine such a major economy and also be significant contributors to its own growth.

The estimation for profitability of providers to this market, such as banks is over 4 Trillion 75000 from 2017, and this really is where Catena aims to find its share of quite a lucrative market, that arguably wasn’t tackled in the perfect way from tech providers, and is still suffering from obstacles and constraints that will be solved through the utilization of blockchain technology.

Catena delivers a compromised solution to all decentralized exchanges limitations, Catena is put with a very healthy order book connected to various exchanges and compiling it onto a decentralized platform, in addition to that it features the order fitting AI that’ll make it rather easy and efficient to trade and also have more complex features than the usual typical centralized exchange, but at the same time giving the base and also all advantages of a decentralized exchange.

2. ETP
Efficient Trading Platform can be a set of contracts that are smart that understands what’s needed for every trade as set by the buyer/seller, it unlocks the possibility of experiencing different sellers and buyers on precisely the same order/contract, because it can match a seller arrangement of a significant MOQ with many buyers and also solve different supply chain parameters predicated on the pre-registered requirements, engaging different delivery alternatives, if required, to construct one single executeble contract which may bring this transaction for success.
Our users do not need any programming experience, it is only an interface to choose and also allocate certain requirements of a bargain, and Catena is going to do the rest.

The Purchase Matching AI executes a tactical algorithm using mathematical modeling of this match theory to be able to devote the most useful paths on the market, to do the ideal small business transaction, that is not a normal search engine for both sellers and buyers to find one another instead of the usual clinically suspended advice for all parties in a business arrangement to find the optimal answer for a win-win situation looking for a perennial business later on.

To be the largest trusted platform for domestic and global transactions, and The very first selection for all business trade across the planet, with a Mission of virtually every business with a strong platform and successful Tools for growing their market reach and secure their small business Activities, while opening the door to infinite opportunities for small And medium enterprises, through transparency of economy parameters and Low entry obstacles to compete, empowering an increasing and prosperous trade Economy.

Catena is a decentralized trading platform and exchange constructed largely on the blockchain technology and introducing new algorithms and AI Protocols to raise the trade market.
Catena tends to apply revolutionary algorithms and technologies utilizing the blockchain technology, so as to create a robust platform That would disrupt and eventually alter the method by which the trade market performs.

Catena Token ICO Details

Catena will conduct a token sale to raise capital for the implementation of this project. The Catena token is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply is capped at 250 million, and no additional tokens will ever be minted. Notably, the Catena token will be the only acceptable currency in the Catena ecosystem.

Token Distribution

  • 58% – ICO
  • 2% – ICO partners
  • 15% – team
  • 3% – early contributors and advisors
  • 20% – resolution center
  • 2% – bounty

Distribution Of Funds

  • 13.3% – system development
  • 37.6% – exchange platform
  • 24.7% – barter ecosystem
  • 13% – operation cots
  • 6% – contingency and resolution center

Contact & Information
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OODLEBIT – Crypto Trading Platform

What’s Oodlebit Inc.?

An electronic money or electronic money is a sophisticated source designed to serve as a medium of commerce that utilizations solid cryptography to anchor financial markets, get a handle on the creation of extra components and inspect the exchange of advantages. Cryptographic currency is a sort of advanced level money, virtual cash or discretionary money. Digital currency uses decentralized control as opposed to merged electronic cash and also a federal bank frame. Each decentralized control electronic money works through Internet-based document invention, for the large part blockchain which capabilities as being a database of available currency related exchanges.

Oodlebit Inc. provides an Amazing point to Customers to collectively take Part in currency exchange markets. In light of the Agreement, Oodlebit Inc.. Gives administrations to distinct clients and customers across the world. Sodlebit Inc. provides a oneofakind platform to digital money commerce that spot lights on encounter soon add upto customers, from platform setup to caliber client reinforce. Dissimilar to transactions meant for experienced customers, Oodlebit Inc. gives customers a very simple interface from many degrees of participation to research. This phase can be stored on some gadgets, that customers can swap, manage computerized tools and monitor their own records with just several snaps of their grab.

Oodlebit Inc. comes with an intriguing point where Safety is just a very best need. Security ruptures from the cryptographic currency world are much reaching due to late, resulting in a enormous multitude of dollars in lost consumer shops. Inspite of the undeniable fact there are no basic safety efforts which can be considered 100% safe that really is only one among Oodlebit Inc’s. Primary aims is to produce progress toward security consistently. Oodlebit transactions are written with collateral whilst the fundamental attention from the begin.

Oodlebit Inc. is a outsider that provides Services to users who Aid guarantee that the point which digital currency trade markets can occur with devotion to unrivaled security efforts and user friendly usefulness cross wise within stages. Modelbit Inc. attempts to make sure a domain name where Clients may combine todo safe and user friendly commerce exchanges. Oodlebit Inc. also gives valid assessing of commerce exercises through distinct apparatuses over the Platform

Oodlbit Features

Oodlbit Enables Users to exchange multiple digital assets that are popular such as Bit coin, Litecoin, also EOS on its high performance fitting engine. This provides users diverse alternatives and efficient trades in 1 go.

Security is paramount to Oodlbit and also so as to Guarantee consumer Security, Oodlbit performs frequent reports and safety reviews of most personal information as well as funds.

A problem that many investors confront is determining on which and the way they Should spend. Ooodlbit simplifies this issue by offering users a fully armed pair of their greatest available charting applications which may be utilized to picture the sector and trends. This permits end users to make informed decisions and how most useful utilize their resources.

Oodlbit additionally allows users benefits and rewards using reduced and flat trading fees once they utilize OODL because their selection of payment.

Oodlbit provides API’s that programmers may utilize to develop high-quality third-party software which may be applied as algorithmic trading robots, tracking programs and more.

Oodlbit Offers users distinct ordering kinds so as to match Certain prerequisites of the specific situation.


OODL Coin is your Indigenous cryptocurrency that’s designed to be used on It’s a tradeable money built in the Ethereum platform which combined side giving its users usefulness on Oodlbit is also utilised from the actual life hence offering it worth since an electronic advantage.

OODL users qualify to lower transaction fees on Oodlbit. No matter how big the trade could possibly be, the most transaction fee charged for OODL coin users is 20 USD. Other users have been charged a transaction fee changing between 0.20 – 0.26 percent according to how big their trade and money used. Clients which produce numerous trades every day will remember that using OODL coin permits them to obtain a 50 percent reduction trading fees.

Users may vote for a common currencies utilizing the OODL coin along with contribute to the rise of the ecosystem and community.


The cryptocurrency has seen a lot of strikes within the past several years that has result in largescale loss of capital. The safety system presented to consumers comprises:

SMS and also Two-factor authentication (2FA) at any or all steps within the trading cycle or even within the stage.

Systems capable of discovering malicious and strange action just like a Shift of IP/location, change of unconventional and login trading platforms.

The consumer’s money have been stored in a clod storage pocket apart from your Live servers and will be retrieved exclusively by authenticated officials by the control group of Oodlbit.

As a way to prevent interruptions in trades, the Oodlbit live servers have been safeguarded from Anti -DDoS providers.


Fixing users is essential to our own success. Oodlebit cure our Users we’d like to get medicated, also Oodlebit treat eachother as when we were all family. Positive, do outstanding job, be frank, listen, hear, giveback also to generate a better future for everybody.

Contact & Information
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CRYPTOLANCERS – Blockchain Revolution In Freelance 2.0

Freelancers workers Pose a special challenge concerning this collective labour organization. As a individualistic and thoroughly dispersed work force, they face several challenges which prevent them from executing their duties towards the fullest.

Nearly 50% of freelancers and self explanatory employees report they have systematic issues in receiving their obligations over the specified period frame. The freelancers desire a rapid payment and also with the most of security contrary to this refund. They wish the specific amount of the money stipulated from the contract with no charge after having the payment that’s received.

CryptoLancers makes it Effortless to cover and quickly to get and CryptoLancers supplies the ideal service that fulfills your customer’s objectives and problems with the cheapest cost and the ideal time potential.

The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to address transactions issues of internet payment solutions, underlying in existing systems, at one spread peer reviewed platform. Decentralized blockchain smart and technology contracts ease clients’ payment of job to get a trust-agnostic platform, offering a substantially reduced probability of fraud and also no counter party risk.

By investing, CryptoLancers enables platform publishers assign Activities into the affected personality. CryptoLancers supplies several services in 1 platform employing a fully distributed network and an extremely secure payment procedure.

Back in CryptoLancers, the ecosystem uses distributed computing to address trades, online payment issues inherent in existing systems, at one distributed peer reviewed platform. De-centralized blockchainchain smart and technologies contracts make it much easier for customers to spend money on the job to get a hope agnostic platform that provides a higher danger of fraud and also the lack of counter party risk. CryptoLancers provides multiple services on a single stage, utilizing a fully distributed network and an extremely secure payment procedure.

CryptoLancers Coin – CLC –
The digital currency traded in CryptoLancers platform is CryptoLancers Coins, designated and registered with the token market abbreviation:
“CLC”. The CryptoLancers Coin (CLC) is a native ethereum divisible digital token. The total number of CLC to be issued is 100 million, which will be minted, managed and governed by the industry’s leading ERC20 compliant Smart Contract technology and associated protocols, all operated over the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoLancers Coin Chips – CLCC –
The CryptoLancers Platform will securely support a digital utility coin called CryptoLancers Coin Chips: “CLCC”. These CLCC tokens can be purchased by converting CLT at the prevailing market rate. Members can only acquire CLCC by conversion of CLT. Clients will, therefore, need to own CLT in order to buy CLCC, which can only be exchanged in our BETA platform. One time the blockchain ready the CLC will be the only way to pay and use our platform and we will make an exchange for the owners of CLT.

Features and Projects
We’ve got a whole lot more in store to get your own freelancer marketplace than Simply a Freelancing ecosystem, however for all prized, it’s well worth establishing a fantastic base.
Our first principal purpose is to develop into an global platform also which our coins be at top ICOs on the industry. You wish to have our name out there so that individuals may reach not the versed nevertheless also the casual individuals additionally.

Price expectation
The number of CLT expected to circulate by the end of the year is 60,000,000, offered for sale in two rounds based on a well-studied percentage for each round. From here, we can work out the estimated CLT price predictions for the year 2018. Based on our panelists’ forecasts of value per token by Q1, the predicted market for CLT is fixed to 0.7$. The CLT price will continue to rise and in varying proportions, from 1.1$ in Q2, to 1.7$ in Q3. At Q4, CLT’s price is predicted to increase as high as 2.8$. We calculated CLT price predictions using the number of tokens expected to circulate by the end of the year and our panelists’ forecast of token’s and coin’s value by the end of the year.

Token Distribution
CryptoLancers will probably be dispersed as broadly as possible throughout a token sistribution at launching. The supply will probably include maintaining a Well calculated number to your own CryptoLancers team, together with an exclusive and public restricted deal of tokens.

Contact & Information
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NEIRONIX – Rating Agency Of Scoring Of Exchanges, Coins And ICO

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency which evaluates investment risks in the blockchain economy where projects are rated automatically based on the result of mathematical scoring, neural networks and the multidimensional analysis of a large amount of data.

High dynamics of growth in investments.
Digital Resources aren’t just part of contemporary economic climate, nevertheless indicate a fresh stage of the worldwide financial development too. The marketplace of investments in technical blockchain start-ups isn’t restricted by national boundaries, thus a fresh age of other investments has arrived. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that’s replaced conventional IPO (Initial Public Offering) could be your vital investment site of electronic economics.

All ICO held in 2016 taken together increased $96 million. In 2017, this amount climbed to $3.7 billion, whilst the capitalization of cryptocurrency economy reached $372 billion. The motives for this large dynamics of growth in investments lie at the radically growing number of fresh blockchain Start-ups and increasing fascination with investments within blockchain sector.

Insufficient marketplace regulation.
The Insufficient of cryptocurrency investment market can be found in the shortage of rules and mechanics for bringing financial funds denominated in fiat money adjusted to the legislation legal in the states of dilemma. The sum of such tools appreciably surpasses the potential for blockchain marketplace. The flows of fiat money are within the administration of hedge and venture funds, which extend from investments in cryptocurrency projects on account of lack of overhauling and transparent procedures of hazard evaluation and direction to investments within this world.

Analysis of project’s competitive landscape
In order to generate a carefully handpicked choice on earth of fiat investments together with respect to each issue undertaking, professional decision will be formed. In reality, it’s the test of most objective things capable of affecting the yield on the loss in spent funds. At the moment, that the blockchain market includes no information-providing services which could be employed for a pro appraisal of endeavors.

At The exact identical time, plenty of evaluation bureaus are working in the market of blockchain and crypto-economics. They utilize only the pros’ subjective remarks, frequently taken care of and so are jagged. In reality, such tests can’t be in the class of decisions that are professional.

Historical album
At The second of its launching, Neironix comprises an integrated analytical database assembled on the grounds of events from the blockchain marketplace. The info about 4,138 ICO endeavors implemented from the blockchain market within the last several years are recorded by the job initiators and accumulated by the machine individually. Neironix has assembled the very deep database managing cryptocurrency financial and projects info about the blockchain marketplace.

In terms of API resources, we’re incorporated with 90 cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, we’re assessing and collecting statistical data with respect to 5,270 cryptocurrencies and implemented ICO projects.

Neironix increases criteria of Crypto Currency marketplace
Neironix takes an active role in the maturation of cryptocurrency marketplace standards. It ensures that the Provider’s direction in its own market section and participation of users at the undertaking. Our evaluation and hazard management methodology reflects a fresh and one of a kind standard on the market of blockchain economics.

Neironix for private investors

  • Final assessment results, multidimensional assessment of ICO projects;
  • Monitoring and notification of changes in certain ICO project ratings;
  • Monitoring of the issuance of the main Road Map obligation for each ICO project implemented;
  • Cognitive analysis of reports on traditional and social media for each ICO project implemented;
  • Popularity index for cryptocurrency and tokens;
  • Analytics for financial markets;
  • Access to a customized notification system that deals with financial analytics monitoring

Neironix for professional investors

  • Final assessment results, multidimensional assessment of ICO projects;
  • Dynamic tracking of risk factors and their level of impact on the resulting ranking;
  • A flexible monitoring and notification system about deviations from the level of risk that can be received in relation to a particular ICO project;
  • Monitoring of the issuance of the main Road Map obligation for each ICO project implemented;
  • Structured capital analysis for each ICO project at the Token Sales stage;
  • Structured analysis of the main token holders for each ICO project implemented;
  • Cognitive analysis of reports on traditional and social media for each ICO project implemented;
  • Possible Pump Monitoring and Dump for each ICO project implemented;
  • Monitoring calendar for a list of planned and actual tokens;
  • Popularity index for cryptocurrency and tokens;
  • Index and multiplier;
  • Historical and analytic data for financial markets;
  • Market review and analysis;
  • Analytics for traditional and social media;
  • Structured data for professional assessment preparation

Neironix for ICO

  • Project management at all stages of the project life cycle;
  • Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and ideas;
  • Complete checklist for ICO preparation;
  • ICO score;
  • KYC verification of project stakeholders;
  • ICO Blog on the Neironix platform;
  • Press release publications, project reports and news;
  • Analytics for offering tokens, notification of the flow of funds for the main token holder;
  • Analytics for ad sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.

Neironix NRX Token ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: NRX
  • Date of Token Sales: 09/01/18-11 / 30/18
  • Price of Token: 0.001061571 ETH
  • Payment Method Received: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 140,000,000 NRX
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 31,000,000

Contact & Information
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